Thursday, January 21, 2010

Toddlers CAN be great!

Hi. Hello. Remember me?! I'm The Mother. The one who used to post frequently on this blog. The one who used to be funny and tell stories about the crazy life of a mother. I'm still here. Sometimes. For the most part, I'm still reading all those other blogs that I love to read. And sometimes....just sometimes, I actually comment on them. And every now and then, I actually get around to putting some energy into this here blog. (But it's just a little bit of energy, so don't expect anything great!)

Anyway, I'm sure you all are sick and tired of hearing about how I'm sick and tired. I figure I've only got about 3-4 more weeks of that (which means you may only have to read about 2 more posts about it all, before this pregnancy starts to get really interesting)! I'm still chugging on with life. I actually did the dishes this morning! (Honey, would you PLEASE rinse out your Tupperware when you get home. I'm afraid I won't be able to do the dishes anymore if you don't!) So...I've actually lost like 2 pounds so far. Last night I had one of my pregnant woman crazy moments. I asked the husband if he ever thought that I was faking being sick. He said....very sheepishly...that yes, he had wondered. Then, I reminded him that I can rarely finish the food on my plate anymore, and THAT is VERY out of character for me. He acknowledged that I was right, and that I probably don't fake being sick (which, for the record, I haven't...yet...but if it helps in 3-4 weeks to keep it up, I may!) Then he asked me if he could do anything for me. Wonderful, sweet man!

Bug, too, has been a wonderful and sweet man boy! Whenever I find myself bawling my eyes out and whining about how I can't go on in this tortured state, Bug is by my side, rubbing my arm and giving me the sweetest little toddler eyes in the whole world. He is TOTALLY going to be by my side when I go into labor! I know he will fantastic labor support. (And if I find I can't stand him at the time, my mom will be there to take him away, 'cause moms are great, too!) Oh, Bug also learned how to open doors. This is actually a great thing, at least for now, because he hasn't used his talent for ill yet! It means in the morning, he can get down and out of bed and go into the living room to play. And I get to stay in bed until I hear him destroying something! It's a wonderful life!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can't a girl get a nap?

Since the vomiting episode, life hasn't gotten much easier. Bug is...better. Of course, I'm not sure if that is the best way to describe it. He did have diarrhea for a couple days after the upchucking. And we ran out of laundry. And I was too tired to do it. THAT day, the day the earth pretty much imploded on itself, I was the one that was really sick. And not just "I'm pregnant and feel crummy all the time" sick. It was way worse.

I began the day at 4:45am. I got up and went to the bathroom to empty my stomach contents into our toilet. It was the first time this pregnancy. Then, I went back to sleep. Only to get up a little after 6am. Apparently, someone hit the repeat button, and I was in the bathroom again. Before I knew it, we were all up for the day.

I was tired. My stomach was cramping. And I didn't want to eat anything. I knew that pregnancy sickies can be made to go away (for at least a short amount of time) by eating. I tried to eat. I got down a banana. Then I had to change a diaper. A really bad diaper. And I had to change the little pants that kept that bad diaper from getting all over my carpet.

The I ate one cracker, changed another bad diaper and fished around for the only clean pair of pants for Bug. I couldn't find the pants. I looked around the house. I saw a massively destroyed living room, a kitchen piled high with stinky and dirty dishes, dirty laundry smeared with crusty poop and vomit overflowing from the hamper....and I thought about how tired and horrible I felt....then I lost it. I cried and cried.

I didn't know what to do, so I called the husband and bawled to him about how miserable I was and I begged him to come home. So, he did.

While he was on his way home, I ate one baby carrot, and crawled into bed with Bug. We were napping when he arrived. When we woke up, the dishes were done, the living room was clean, the laundry was being done. My husband is obviously a super human, one of a kind, hunk of a hero! Gosh, I love that man! He even went and got me a roast beef sandwich...even though I was only able to take three bites.

Since that day, I have been feeling better. I still feel like crap, but it's the better kind. The normal pregnant kind. I'm a little bit better at handling all the messes. For instance, I haven't cried once since that day, even though every time I go to take a nap, Bug refuses to join me and instead causes mischief around the house. Mischief like emptying bags of cereal or brown sugar onto the kitchen floor. And I was actually able to laugh when Bug stacked three -glass- cups on top of each other at my parents' house.

Toddlers sure are full of energy. It doesn't always make a good match with a mother who is so un-full of energy it is laughable! But, today, we sat down together and starting watching Tarzan, and I had tears of joy and love come to my eyes. I was reminded that even though things are really difficult right now, I love my family. I love this little boy that I helped to create. And I love my husband who works to hard for us. And I'm so excited for the little baby that will be joining us.

Now, if only I could get a nap!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I've been attacked!

I have been attacked by the pregnancy crummies. Or, just the first trimester crummies, I guess. Either way, I feel crummy. Almost to the point that I have no energy or desire to do anything (other than sleep, of course.) I think I am more exhausted than I would normally be, because I am still nursing Bug. And on top of that, I feel nauseous 24/7, so I'm probably not eating as well as I should be. How can I eat well if nothing sounds good!?! I just want to keep from throwing up whatever I get down (which I have been successful with so far).

And, speaking of throwing up....Bug did. All over me. And himself. AT A LA LECHE LEAGUE MEETING. That I didn't drive to by myself.

So, I changed his clothes, and cleaned up the both of us as best as I could. But I still smelled it. And I sat through the meeting (my ride was the leader of the group, so I couldn't exactly beg her to take me home), feeling very nauseous with the smell of sick in my nose. Then, when the meeting was nearly over, But threw up again. Luckily, this time it was only breast milk. But I couldn't change him into clean clothes (because I had already put him in his spare outfit.) I called the hubby, who was finally able to come and get me. Hallelujah!

I felt horrible. There is nothing worse than sitting in a room full of mothers with young children, with a kid that keeps vomiting. I just hope Bug didn't infect all those babies with whatever he has. (Or had...I can't decide it he is over it yet.)

But, I will tell you is making me sick just thinking about it. Ugh...I can't wait until I get to the second trimester and this all goes away! And I am SOOOOO SORRY to all those women who deal with pregnancy nausea through the whole 9 months!