Monday, January 26, 2009

My Little Monster

There is great excitement that comes with every new achievement...or at least most new achievements!

Bug is my little, daredevil. My little monster. He started walking with a walker. Honestly, it surprised the heck out of me. We were visiting with some friends, and we decided to see how Bug would react with their son's walker. Of course, Bug practically took off running, while I was left behind with his dust collecting in my wide open mouth. I didn't know he could do that!!!

Bug also growls like a little monster. A lot.

And he finally figured out how to use his teeth. He has also acquired another pearly white. He now has three, with the fourth well on its way to making an appearance. He thinks it is GREAT fun to suck and scrape away while nursing. YIPEE DOODLE-EE YOWZA DOG DAY does that hurt! Whenever he does that, I yell a quick, loud, sharp, "NO!" at him. Then, he gets sad. Really sad. And he brings out those precious, puppy dog eyes and that whimpering lip. What mom could resist? I hug him tighter and I offer more nursing so he will be happy again.

The little monster.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


!!!Public Service Announcement!!!

Gerber® Ultra-Thin Nursing Pads are the WORST nursing pads in the whole entire world! They hold next to nothing, which explains how they get them to be ultra-thin. I think I have leaked through practically the whole box in less than a week. And I have to wash my sour smelling bras practically every day! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy these.

I plan on sticking to my nice, reusable, 100% cotton pads. Even though I will probably even leak through those at night, too. What happened to only having leaking issues during the early months of breastfeeding??? Well, I guess if I am going to nurse Bug until he is 2 or 3, we still are in the "early months".

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Little Bit of Sadly, Funny

I'm totally on a roll with all the birth related posts this week. I thought I would keep up the trend for at least one more day by sharing this HILARIOUS Monty Python video clip about a hospital birth. I've run across parts of this clip several times recently. So, I decided to hunt it down on YouTube and check the whole thing out. I was a little bit nervous, as Monty Python can get a little inappropriate. However, I found the clip to be acceptable to share. It is sad, because they are poking fun at how hospital births really are (although it is HIGHLY exaggerated). It is all part of the satirical humor. Sad, because it is so close to the truth, but strangely funny. Especially when the truth is deemed to be wrong enough to make fun of it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Please Research: Unassisted Childbirth

I have recently been feeling more and more motivated to research pregnancy and birth. (Thus, the reason I finally got access to and watched the film, The Business of Being Born.) I had an intense desire to research when I became pregnant with Bug. I am hoping and crossing my fingers that a positive test will be in my near future. But, whether or not that happens, I am enjoying my renewed awe with the miracle that is pregnancy and childbirth. It truly is one of my greatest passions.

I admit to having less than popular ideas about parenting, which are evident in many of my blog posts. However, I feel like it is extremely important to encourage education on the many options that are available concerning parenting. Whether or not my readers actually study my presented topics, and/or implement them with their families does not really matter. Of course, I would love it if I changed some one's mind about parenting choices! After all, I do feel like I am right, or else I wouldn't practice what I preach!

In this specific post, I haven't YET practiced what I am about to preach. However, I do feel...very strongly...that it is a topic well worth studying. As a matter of fact, I look forward to the day that I will be able to have my very own unassisted childbirth (UC).

There is a great abundance of information on the topic that is available through the Internet. Rixa, from The True Face of Birth, very recently posted a link to her dissertation which she studied and wrote all about unassisted childbirth in America. I have found it to be a very enjoyable read, and I would recommend it to those who would like to get a good general idea about exactly what UC is and why women choose it. A more radical, but also very informative site would be Laura Shanley's Bornfree site (beware: includes birth nudity). Shanley is often referred to as the pioneer in the most recent UC movement. Although, whether or not there is actually a movement is debatable, as the Internet has made information about UC more available and the percentage of women giving birth at home in the US (assisted or unassisted) is very low, only about 1%.

I believe that women should have more options available to them for childbirth. And I believe that a mother shouldn't receive opposition if she chooses to give birth unassisted. There is a definite lack of understanding concerning childbirth as a whole. Please research what childbirth CAN be, and how beautiful it is when it is undisturbed.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Business of Being Born

I was finally able to get this documentary film to watch. (By the way, Netflix will charge you $1 for your "free" trial. Go figure.) I would recommend it to all women who are pregnant, ever want to become pregnant, have ever been pregnant, or have any interest in pregnancy. It may be my crunchy, home birth-lovin' ways, but I thought the film was AWESOME! It made me cry on several occasions. It was beautiful. It was educational. It was powerful. It pulled at my deepest desires concerning motherhood. It reminded me of that feeling I had when Bug was born. That feeling that comes from all the wonderful hormones and emotions that are present at such a pivotal life experience. The feeling that is like a spiritual fog that exposes the most delicate parts of your heart as you find yourself next to God. There is no way to understand, unless you have experienced it. It is perfection on earth.

I wonder how birth changes with different circumstances. My experience with Bug's birth wasn't what I had imagined it would be, although it was still wonderful. I hope and long for a home birth. I wonder if a birth at home will bring about stronger emotions. The film, The Business of Being Born, talked about how drugs and other birth interventions make bonding difficult. The interventions change the hormones that are in such a delicate balance. This article is an EXCELLENT read, I highly recommend it. I can only imagine that a home birth would be different.

The film really got me excited for my future pregnancies and births. I cannot wait to have another baby! I believe that it is my divine purpose to be a mother, and I am so grateful that I have that opportunity.

*A word of caution: The film is not rated. Thus, I feel it important to warn anyone who wishes to view it that there is birth nudity and brief language.

Monday, January 5, 2009

How I realized I was a Mama Bear

I'm just going to start off by blaming my crazy, whacked out hormones for every psycho thing that I do. That just makes me feel better. You know, it's not a permanent part of me to be insane. Never mind that I am as "Type A" as they come. Believe me, it's just the hormones.

I just got back from a week long adventure (which is my substitute word for what should be "vacation") in New York City. Ah, the Big Apple. During the New Year celebrations. I can only mildly impress upon you how crowded it was! I think this somehow reiterates my mental instability, without hormones to blame. But, we were all determined to go out and have fun. (And, NO, we were NOT on Times Square at midnight!) So, I wrapped my 8 month old onto myself, making sure we were both warm enough in the frigid air, and walked around the city. Luckily, Bug slept a lot, and cried a little.

Eventually, Bug got heavy. I'm not a big believer in strollers (not that I could have pushed one around in the crowds of New York anyway). Wonderfully, I did have family willing to take over and carry the little guy for a while to give me a break. This is where I turn crazy. No matter how much I trust my mom, or my sister, or even my husband for that matter...if I'm in a huge, strange, and disgustingly crowded city...I kind of freak out. Every single minute I was looking around, trying to see his little green hat, frantically exclaiming, "Where's my baby!?!?! I can't see my baby!!! I need to see my baby!!!" My family would all try to calm me and reassure me that every thing would be fine, and we would make it through the crowd and regroup, and Bug will be fine, and that I didn't need to have ANOTHER nervous breakdown. Deep down, I knew everything would be fine. And, of course, everything was fine...the whole time, everything was perfectly fine! But, darn those blasted hormones!