Monday, January 12, 2009

The Business of Being Born

I was finally able to get this documentary film to watch. (By the way, Netflix will charge you $1 for your "free" trial. Go figure.) I would recommend it to all women who are pregnant, ever want to become pregnant, have ever been pregnant, or have any interest in pregnancy. It may be my crunchy, home birth-lovin' ways, but I thought the film was AWESOME! It made me cry on several occasions. It was beautiful. It was educational. It was powerful. It pulled at my deepest desires concerning motherhood. It reminded me of that feeling I had when Bug was born. That feeling that comes from all the wonderful hormones and emotions that are present at such a pivotal life experience. The feeling that is like a spiritual fog that exposes the most delicate parts of your heart as you find yourself next to God. There is no way to understand, unless you have experienced it. It is perfection on earth.

I wonder how birth changes with different circumstances. My experience with Bug's birth wasn't what I had imagined it would be, although it was still wonderful. I hope and long for a home birth. I wonder if a birth at home will bring about stronger emotions. The film, The Business of Being Born, talked about how drugs and other birth interventions make bonding difficult. The interventions change the hormones that are in such a delicate balance. This article is an EXCELLENT read, I highly recommend it. I can only imagine that a home birth would be different.

The film really got me excited for my future pregnancies and births. I cannot wait to have another baby! I believe that it is my divine purpose to be a mother, and I am so grateful that I have that opportunity.

*A word of caution: The film is not rated. Thus, I feel it important to warn anyone who wishes to view it that there is birth nudity and brief language.


Jennifer said...

How interesting! I never thought of having an unassisted birth... Still am not sold but I may look into this video! Thanks!

Kelsi, John, Jake, & Georgia said...

having a homebirth is absolutely wonderful. you should try it! :)

{found you through Mormon Mommy Blogs}