Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am from now and henceforth (or whatever the fancy wording should be, I'm not sure my preggo brain is going to help me much in the way of looking intelligent!) changing the word "toddler" into "messler". After all, they get really good at walking pretty fast, so they aren't "toddling" very long....and then all they do is make messes!

The reason being:

Today, I have changed two poopy diapers. One of those diapers was more than just a dirty diaper. It was a dirty diaper that my messler took off himself, and successfully got "dirty" in more locations that I wished for. I put him in the shower...and I got in, too.

Today, I cleaned greasy lotion out of my messler's hair. And off my messler's hands. And off my messler's face. And I changed his outfit...again.

Today, I cleaned spaghetti sauce out of the carpet in about a billion different spots. Then, I wiped sauce off of the high chair, the table, the legs of two other chairs, and off of every visible part of my messler. Then I changed his outfit...again.

Also, my messler has taken out about 200 snack sized plastic bags and scattered them around the living room. He has dumped his toy box in the living room. He found some Styrofoam, and tore it into little pieces. I hear my messler getting into something else...I think it is nap time!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Here we go again...

Snow. Snow. More snow. Toddler tantrum. One good day. Pregnancy yuckies. Vertigo. Toddler tantrum. Snow. Snow.

This past week, I had a birthday. Which always meshes together with Valentine's Day. So, I got lots of love and attention from the hubby, but I wasn't sure which holiday exactly it was for. But, I did get a big piece of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. And that makes for a good weekend!

I also started seeing a midwife. Really, she doesn't do regular prenatal checkups until 20 weeks, so we just sat around and talked, pretty much. There is still that part of me (actually a pretty big a huge the majority of me) that really just wants to go completely unassisted. Darn those relationships that require compromise and all that!

Bug has started taking his own pants and diaper off when he needs a change. Unfortunately, the only time he recognizes that he needs a change is after he poops. He waddles around with his legs spread apart, the little cowboy, then proceeds to undress once he finds a suitable spot...usually over carpet. People have been telling me that means he is ready to potty train. I just wish he would wait for warmer weather!!!

If anybody is interested, yes, I am still nursing Bug. And he still sleeps in our bed. Usually, I'm satisfied with the situation. Mostly because I don't want to put in the effort to change anything. I'm ok with Bug nursing, as long as he doesn't do it for too long...because I am TENDER!!! I really do eventually want to do a whole post on nursing during pregnancy. Who knows, by the time I get around to it, it may be a post on tandem nursing!!! I guess Bug will need to be out of our bed when the new baby comes, but for now he helps keep me warm. And in the mornings, he can be really cute. The other morning, he started nursing, but was mostly asleep still. Then, all the sudden, he started giggling -while he was latched on-! The hubs and I joked that I must have "funny honey" that comes out through my milk every now and then!

I am right on the border between my first and second trimesters. It's is really hard still. Some days, I feel like I'm right in the middle of my first trimester! Exhaustion, fatigue, nausea...and even today I have been experiencing vertigo...which is probably more annoying that everything else put together! Someone, please make time go faster! Make it warm outside, and make me hugely pregnant! Everybody knows that being hugely pregnant is way better than being in the crummy stage of pregnancy!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To Eat or Not To Eat

Oh, yes. That is the question! And not just for me. Some days, Bug will eat and eat and eat. He will clean his plate at every meal, and beg me for a snack three minutes later. Other days, I am begging him to "just take a bite" of his dinner...because I feel like he hasn't had anything to eat since his small bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios at 7am. (By the way, that kid loves Honey Nut Cheerios. Or Honey Nut Scooters or whatever the cheap brand is called! I pour a small bowl, add a little milk to soften them up, and he gobbles them down. On the days that Bug is refusing to eat, I am tempted to feed him cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner...just so I know he has food in his stomach!) Amazing how his appetite can be so dynamic!

As for my recent eating habits...things are getting a little bit better. I have been craving a 4pm salad, complete with Caesar croutons and generously doused in Italian dressing, nearly every day. And often, a couple of cucumbers. I prefer the little salad cucumbers, because they are sweeter and almost never bitter. But, it is so frustrating to have to peel and slice enough of them to satisfy me! Those snacks mostly prevent my nausea from getting too bad. (Notice, I didn't say that my nausea had gone away. It is still there torturing me if I wait until 4:01pm before eating that salad!) It is really strange that I haven't been craving sweets at all. That is incredibly different for me! In fact, there are so many things that are different in me about this pregnancy (with the exception of ridiculously dry and flaky skin) that everyone is assuming that it MUST be a girl! I will keep my fingers crossed.

But, whether it is a girl or a boy, I am excited. Unfortunately, my sleeping has been taking a rough hit. Bug is such a bed hog and he wakes up to nurse way more often than I want him to (which is him waking up at all). I know he is old enough to night wean, but I am afraid that a night wean would really be a total wean! I don't think I'm ready for that! I just want to get him into his own bed, and see if that helps. I've loved co-sleeping with him...but with a new baby on the way, things are going to have to change! And, no matter how excited I am to have another little baby....part of me can't wait until the new baby is old enough to become Bug's new co-sleeping partner! Perhaps it won't be too long before I get my bed back, after all!