Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am from now and henceforth (or whatever the fancy wording should be, I'm not sure my preggo brain is going to help me much in the way of looking intelligent!) changing the word "toddler" into "messler". After all, they get really good at walking pretty fast, so they aren't "toddling" very long....and then all they do is make messes!

The reason being:

Today, I have changed two poopy diapers. One of those diapers was more than just a dirty diaper. It was a dirty diaper that my messler took off himself, and successfully got "dirty" in more locations that I wished for. I put him in the shower...and I got in, too.

Today, I cleaned greasy lotion out of my messler's hair. And off my messler's hands. And off my messler's face. And I changed his outfit...again.

Today, I cleaned spaghetti sauce out of the carpet in about a billion different spots. Then, I wiped sauce off of the high chair, the table, the legs of two other chairs, and off of every visible part of my messler. Then I changed his outfit...again.

Also, my messler has taken out about 200 snack sized plastic bags and scattered them around the living room. He has dumped his toy box in the living room. He found some Styrofoam, and tore it into little pieces. I hear my messler getting into something else...I think it is nap time!


Jonathan and Sarah said...

i totally agree!! I am babysitting my messler niece...who is 2. i feel like my entire day is dedicated to cleaning messy diapers! at least kate doesnt take off her diapers and pee on the floor... yet. during nap time i sit in front of the computer and enjoy silence and a semi-clean space. oh and is it just me or every time i think ive got all the messler's poop cleaned up i find more??

Martha said...

HA! Oh, that took me back to some good ol' days! :) Trust me, it won't last forever. (I just made myself cry...)

mimihalley said...

Genius. You're so right. Messler is a much better descriptive name for the stage than toddler.