Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let's Eat!

This is a shameless plug for a new blog I created on a blog I already have established. ('Cause I can do that!) I have been trying to share recipes with some of my friends and family members. But, of course, I don't have them all typed on the computer. Then I type an email for one person, only to realize I want to send it to someone else, too. So I have to find the sent email, or retype...and before I know it, I'm trying to share one recipe for half a dozen people through half a dozen emails and typings of the same recipe. I just knew I was making it way more complicated than it should have been (and who needs that when you are a busy mother!!?!) So I will now just put all these yummy recipes in one spot, and I'll stop worrying about sending emails. I am pleased to introduce: Tasty Thalman's! Go check it out!

Friday, May 20, 2011

'cared more!

Every now and then, I have one of those mothering moments that makes me laugh....and then promptly makes me feel bad for laughing.

Last night, The Hubs put Bug down to sleep with a bedtime read. Bug hadn't had a nap all day, so he was more than ready for bed. He actually kicked Hubby out of his bedroom before the Hubs was even done reading his chapter! Thinking that we were finally ready to get some semi-alone time (depending on how quickly Gizmo fell asleep), the Hubs and I were quickly brushing our teeth before jumping into bed....when all the sudden I heard Bug crying and running to our door. Then he was frantically trying to open our bedroom door, while screaming and pounding in terror.

I rushed to open the door to soothe him and take him back to bed.

"Loud! 'cared! [scared]" he cried in between his desperate sobs. I could practically feel the energy coursing through his little body, trying to escape from the fear that he was feeling.

I was thinking over all the reasons he could be so terrified. I could hear a lawn mower outside, but I wasn't sure that was the culprit. With Bug in my arms, I marched back to his bedroom. I ran into the door, then fumbled with the knob in the dark, trying to get it open.

"Beep-bee-beep! Beep-bee-beep! Beep-bee-beep!" It was the sound of the alarm clock. I flipped the light on and walked over to the table where the clock was dangling over the edge by its cord. I turned the offending noise off and stifled a giggle.

I don't know why the clock's alarm was turned on, but Bug certainly wasn't expecting such a rude awakening just moments after he fell asleep! I plopped him back in his bed as Hubby removed the offending alarm clock from Bug's room. We turned the lights back off and I sang Bug a song. I told him that he didn't have to be scared anymore, to which he whined, "'cared more!" along with a few after-cry hiccups. I calmly explained what had happened and then I asked him to say a prayer. He did, then requested that I say one, too. After kisses, hugs and several "goodnight"s, I crept out of the room and left Bug to fall asleep again.

As soon as I got back into my room, I looked at the Hubs and started laughing. "Poor kid!" we both lamented.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ok, Ok...I'll find something to blog about!

Obligatory "sorry I haven't posted in a million years" paragraph: I wish that I could just say, "Our life has been boring and normal, and I have absolutely nothing to blog about." But, we all know that is not true. I've just been a lazy blogging bum (not including working fabulously hard and losing 9lbs so far in my weight loss competition, of course).

But, we have some exciting news....well...it's excited if you're a dorky mom, like I apparently am! WE BOUGHT A MINIVAN! Oh yes. We did. I told my mom that I now feel this camaraderie with with all over van drivers. She just laughed at me. But it's true. I'm in the Minivan Club now. And my family would be way more excited to plan a fun and comfortable road trip if gas wasn't over $4/gallon!!!

Also, Gizmo has FIVE teeth now. He crawls at the speed of light. He pulls himself up to standing. And he can walk with support. Seriously, wasn't that kid just born five minutes ago? I don't understand how it is even possible that he is as grown up as he is!

Speaking of THAT...we just celebrated Bug's THIRD birthday yesterday. I think I might be living in a warped dimension. He loves the gifts he got....a tricycle (from Grandma and Grandpa T), a dinosaur puzzle, train whistle, canteen, new outfits (from Grandma Marty and Grandpa Mike), and a "You-bot" (which is Bug-speak for robot) backpack from Mommy and Daddy. He puts everything he can into the backpack to carry around...unfortunately, his bike doesn't fit.

So, tonight, when I was making dinner, the boys were playing together in the cabinets. Sometimes they play nicely. That is so refreshing. And they were doing just that. I heard Bug saying prayers. (They are almost always the same, "He'y Fodder. Day. Foo'. Jee Cwhyst, Uh-men.") I looked over and saw Bug putting his hands on Gizmo's head while he was saying his prayers. Then Bug excitedly exclaimed, "[Gizmo]! Prayer! A head!" Bug was definitely giving Gizmo a "blessing". Abso-stinkin-lutely hilarious! I guess he knows it is his divine nature to become a holder of the priesthood!