Friday, September 24, 2010


I have to admit...I really hoped that our second child would be a girl. But when my hubby announced that we had another boy, all that hoping didn't matter any more. I was in love. Totally outnumbered. But in love! I immediately thought how wonderful it is that we don't have to buy a bunch of new clothes. And then I thought how wonderful it is that our boys can be best buds growing up. Not that a daughter couldn't be best buds with Bug...but I think the bond will be different as brothers.

I'm already seeing some brotherly bonding going on in our home. Bug LOVES to give Gizmo kisses. Especially on his nose. Bug loves to hold Gizmo's hand. And he loves to tell him it's "uh-day" (aka, "OK") when Gizmo is crying.

Last week, while I was doing the dishes, Bug was picking out a movie to watch (which, he does all by himself all the time...Mr. Independent). He decided on a DVD and marched right over to Gizmo, who was lying on the couch. Bug then held the DVD right in front of Gizmo's face and said, "Day? Yeah!" ("Ok? Yeah!") Then, he put the movie in and watched it.

I couldn't stop smiling thinking about how awesome it would be if they always get along so well!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little Red

So, things are getting harder and easier at the same time. Transitioning to a mother of two is....interesting. And difficult. Gizmo is waking up and demanding more. As a new baby should, I suppose. But, Bug isn't really enjoying the attention that used to go to him, that is now going to the baby.

Gizmo has red hair. Like me. Well, technically, it's strawberry blond....with more strawberry than blond. It's a bit of a source of pride, I think. To know that those recessive genes have come out. Plus, it's a family thing. We've got some red pride. I just hope Gizmo's hair stays red. Bug was born with black hair, that is now blond. We know that hair can do anything.

Gizmo is a burper. Not a spitter, just a burper. Bug didn't hardly ever burp. I think the difference is that Bug nursed really slowly. Really. He would take his sweet time and nibble for hours on end. Gizmo, however, gulps and chows down. He is usually done nursing within 5-10 minutes. (Then, of course, he wants to nurse again just 20 minutes later. I've got a pro cluster nurser on my hands! But, then again, I could have said Bug was a pro cluster nurser. Just his in between times were only 2 minutes long!)

Speaking of breastfeeding (and because I don't know when I'll get around to posting again, so I might as well cram everything into one post!) I don't think that I'm leaking as much this time around. Only every now and then do I get really leaky. Usually, it happens at night. And I wake up soaked in milk. And in the morning, our whole bedroom smells like sour milk. Lovely.

And, now I'm off to nurse Gizmo!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Please Research: Cloth Menstrual Pads

You have probably all heard of cloth diapering...but have you heard of cloth pads for menstruation?

I bought some cloth pads from Party in my Pants pads (PIMPs) to use for my postpartum lochia. I have a Diva Cup, but you can't use that right after having a baby.

[Neither Party in my Pants nor Diva Cup are aware that I am mentioning them in this post.]

I took a lot of time studying the different brands of cloth pads, before I decided to buy something. I wanted it to be really easy to it would be more likely that I would enjoy using cloth for myself! Just like with cloth diapers, there are a lot of options for cloth menstrual pads. (Although, there probably aren't quite as many options as with diapers...I tell ya what, diapers overwhelm me!)

-I wanted a pad that was all one piece and that wouldn't bunch up in my crotch. This was probably the biggest thing for me (comfort). I didn't want to have a liner that I had to put in place, or an insert that I had to stuff in a pocket. Some of the most popular cloth pads have these particular annoyances. So, I kept looking for something that was more what I wanted.

-I wanted something that came in a "kit". I wanted to be able to get a wide variety of different pads to try out, for a good price. That's really important, because cloth pads can be expensive...but they are going to last forever. I didn't want to be stuck with a bunch of pads of one kind that I didn't like. With a kit, I may end up with a couple I don't like, but most that are good. (Or, I may just like them all!)

-I wanted something that had postpartum sized pads. This is the reason that I was buying cloth pads, after all! I know a lot of women wear adult incontinence underwear after they give birth. I wasn't planning on doing that, so I wanted a good, strong pad that could handle the flow of lochia immediately after the birth.

-I wanted something with a waterproof layer. Amazingly, not all pads have a waterproof layer. But, I knew I wanted one, because I was planning on using the pads for a really heavy flow. And with a newborn, you don't want to have to rinse out your underwear....'cause you really don't have time for that!

-I wanted something that I would be able to fix on my own, if it needed it. If the seam started ripping, I wanted to be able to sew it back and have it look nice still. Basically, I didn't want anything with a serged edge, because I don't have a serger....and that makes my crotch chafe just thinking about it.

-I wanted something that would attach easily to my underwear and that wouldn't slip around. Adhesives on disposable pads were really poorly thought out, in my opinion. They always seem to adhere to the, ehm, -wrong- places. I knew I wouldn't be getting that with cloth, but I wanted it to have a similar simplicity, without the stupidity!

-I also wanted the company to be really good at marketing, because I'm a sucker for good marketing. Oh yeah, and I wanted a pretty good price.

I just happened to have found all that in the PIMPs pads. All one piece, kits in various sizes (including a postpartum kit), nylon waterproof layer, straight stitched edge, snap in place, great and informative website, pricing comparable to other companies, and adorable, to boot!

And how do I feel about wearing them, you ask?

They are above and beyond disposable pads. When I wear disposable pads, I often feel icky. Wet, dirty, bunched up and noisy (crinkly pad, anyone?). When I wear cloth, I can hardly tell I'm wearing anything to catch the flow! The postpartum cloth pad is the biggest one that you can buy, and I -can- tell I'm wearing something with it. However, it still is more comfortable to me than disposable pads. And the next largest size is nearly undetectable! The cloth soaks up the flow so well, that I have yet to feel wet, dirty, bunched up, noisy or icky! And when a pad is soiled, you toss it in the laundry. You don't have to rinse it or soak it or wash it in a special load. 

I wish I had known about cloth pads when I first started menstruating. Of course, I'm typically more of a tampon girl...and that makes me wish that I had known about menstrual cups...but that is another post to come, I guess. As for postpartum sanitation needs, I will now and forever be a cloth pad girl!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mastitis on a Holiday Weekend

Friday evening, I was at my parents' house. Around 8-9pm, I started getting the chills. My left breast was feeling engorged and tender. I told my mom, "I think I'm coming down with mastitis."

Friday night, I was feverish.

Saturday, the fever kept getting worse. I was hot/cold/hot/cold. Achy. Sore. Headache. Tired. Feverish. Miserable. The soles of my feet hurt! My left breast had a red spot over the most tender part. I got a blessing from the hubs and my dad. At 4pm, my fever was over 102 degrees F. (That's pretty high for me, considering my normal body temperature is normally much lower than average...usually around 96-97.) I took some ibuprofen, which was the only medication in our whole apartment that would do a single thing for me. A couple hours later, my fever broke in a massive, bed-drenching sweat. I felt better...a little.

Saturday night, the fever came and went.

Sunday morning, I still had a little fever. I took more ibuprofen. The red spot on my left breast had spread to cover almost half of the breast. I had a feeling I needed to see a doctor to get antibiotics. But, I don't have a regular doctor. And it was a Sunday. And the next day was Labor Day.

Sunday late morning, the hubs and I dropped Bug off at my parents' house, went to the local Urgent Care. The doc took note of my situation, and gave me a prescription for antibiotics. We then went and got the script filled at the Kroger pharmacy.

I am feeling -much- better, physically and mentally, about the mastitis. I think it was caused by the cracked nipples I had during Gizmo's first week. He had a rough time figuring out how to latch on properly. He's getting better at it now. It has been such a long time since I've needed to go to a doctor for an illness! And it's been a really, really long time since I've needed medication!

Oh, I can't believe I'm on antibiotics! All I can think about is that I'm going to get thrush next. I've cut out much as possible (which is a HUGE thing for me)...and I'm planning on going to get some probiotics (the ones I -had- in my fridge are expired, so I don't trust them to keep the yeasties at bay) today. That is, if my stinkin' toddler will take a nap. I refuse to go out of the house with him being cranky. Especially since it will be my first solo outing with two kids!

This mom-of-two thing is hard.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Poor, poor placenta

Placentas are really amazing things. They nourish a baby for nearly nine months in the womb. They are full of nutrients and hormones. They are the only source of meat that comes from creating life, rather than killing.

I really, really wanted to save, and consume in some way (whether dehydrated pills or frozen pills or smoothie style), my placenta. Consuming the placenta will stop a postpartum hemorrhage almost immediately, helps the uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size more quickly, helps regulate and bring in a full milk supply, and nearly eliminates postpartum depression. There is probably more that the placenta can do, because its just so amazing!

Sadly, it didn't happen. I shouldn't have assumed that the hubs would have prepared it for me...especially since he had told me he didn't want to [do it himself]. But, I thought he would if I asked him nicely enough. Guess not.

Instead, it got bagged and thrown away. Just so you know, do NOT ask a woman who gave birth within the last three hours what to do with the placenta, if she had already stated what she wanted done with it pre-birth. She will likely be so engrossed with her newborn that she will say, "I don't care!"

She does care. And a couple days after the birth, she might cry over the loss.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Reptile Baby

Gizmo is shedding all of his skin like a little lizard! I don't remember Bug being quite so peel-y. I've pulled out the all-natural calendula baby lotion to rub all over Gizmo's little body. (Well, mostly his ankles, which seem to be more dry and peel-y than just peel-y.)

Really, it's amazing how much skin there is on such a little body.

Also, Gizmo makes dinosaur noises. Especially right before he starts crying, he gives me a warning squawk, and I swear he sounds like a little baby pterodactyl!

Like I said, reptile baby!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

REM sleep

I'm not quite sure, but I think I have more REM/dream stage sleep post baby than is normal. I feel like I'm always in that limbo stage of "almost asleep" and "not really awake". It makes for some pretty interesting situations, wondering why Gizmo is snuffling around when I just fed him. Oh, wait...did I just feed him? Or did I just dream that?

REM sleep isn't always so bad, though. Last night, I was having a pretty interesting dream. In my dream, my mom called me at 4am (dream time, not real time) to tell me she had a WONDERFUL day. It was so real, that when I responded to her -in my dream-, I actually said "Good!" OUT LOUD. I talked in my sleep!!!

The hubs then asked, "What's good?" And I realized that it was just a dream, and I shouldn't have said anything out loud. I had to explain everything, so my husband would know that I was actually awake now, and I knew -why- I spoke and -what- I said, and I understood that I had talked in my sleep..yadda yadda.

Then we totally made out. It was 3am. I haven't made out with my husband at ridiculous hours of the night since we were newlyweds! In fact, the pregnancy had made me not want to make out in a long time. So, it was quite exciting!

Maybe I should try talking in my sleep more often!