Monday, September 6, 2010

Poor, poor placenta

Placentas are really amazing things. They nourish a baby for nearly nine months in the womb. They are full of nutrients and hormones. They are the only source of meat that comes from creating life, rather than killing.

I really, really wanted to save, and consume in some way (whether dehydrated pills or frozen pills or smoothie style), my placenta. Consuming the placenta will stop a postpartum hemorrhage almost immediately, helps the uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size more quickly, helps regulate and bring in a full milk supply, and nearly eliminates postpartum depression. There is probably more that the placenta can do, because its just so amazing!

Sadly, it didn't happen. I shouldn't have assumed that the hubs would have prepared it for me...especially since he had told me he didn't want to [do it himself]. But, I thought he would if I asked him nicely enough. Guess not.

Instead, it got bagged and thrown away. Just so you know, do NOT ask a woman who gave birth within the last three hours what to do with the placenta, if she had already stated what she wanted done with it pre-birth. She will likely be so engrossed with her newborn that she will say, "I don't care!"

She does care. And a couple days after the birth, she might cry over the loss.


Sara, Nick, and kids said...

omg mal congratulations on your new baby! how on earth do you have your act so together?? i have been online twice to post- even though i have 5 million things i would love to put on there- and you have been on like every day! go mal! hopefully i'll get a chance while my mom is in town to at least post the kids first day of school pics :)
anyways i wanna see more pics of the baby!! did you make it to church on sunday? i didn't have my act together enough but for sure this sunday- especially cuz my mom will be here to help

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

o p.s. are you back in your clothes? i forget how long it takes! i am still wearing my maternity stuff. when my sis was in town last week she bought me a size 12 skirt to wear to church that was on a super duper clearance and i couldn't even get it all the way zipped up! size 12!!! i think i am in for it.

Mallory said...

I don't think I have my act together. I'm dealing with a wildly cranky toddler most of the day. And I get online to ignore him! (I know, that's so horrible!) But, I also had an amazingly easy birth experience, so my recovery has been simple!

We didn't make it to church, because of the mastitis issues I was having. I really wanted to go, if I wasn't feeling so feverish! You shouldn't feel like you need to come back. Sara, you had a c/s, you should take as much time as you need!!! :D

And, nope, I'm not back in my regular clothes yet. Of course, I haven't really tried. I'm afraid to try. I'd be way beyond a size 12! And I don't think I have any non-maternity shirts that will fit over my milk-full G-cups!