Wednesday, September 1, 2010

REM sleep

I'm not quite sure, but I think I have more REM/dream stage sleep post baby than is normal. I feel like I'm always in that limbo stage of "almost asleep" and "not really awake". It makes for some pretty interesting situations, wondering why Gizmo is snuffling around when I just fed him. Oh, wait...did I just feed him? Or did I just dream that?

REM sleep isn't always so bad, though. Last night, I was having a pretty interesting dream. In my dream, my mom called me at 4am (dream time, not real time) to tell me she had a WONDERFUL day. It was so real, that when I responded to her -in my dream-, I actually said "Good!" OUT LOUD. I talked in my sleep!!!

The hubs then asked, "What's good?" And I realized that it was just a dream, and I shouldn't have said anything out loud. I had to explain everything, so my husband would know that I was actually awake now, and I knew -why- I spoke and -what- I said, and I understood that I had talked in my sleep..yadda yadda.

Then we totally made out. It was 3am. I haven't made out with my husband at ridiculous hours of the night since we were newlyweds! In fact, the pregnancy had made me not want to make out in a long time. So, it was quite exciting!

Maybe I should try talking in my sleep more often!


Martha said...

The good news is...I had a good day! Oh, wait, that was only your dream...:) Was I just going to bed at 4:00 am because my day had lasted that long and was so good I couldn't let it end? Or was I just starting my great day? I'm confused... JK! Love ya!

You've found me! said...

I think dreaming happy thoughts is wonderful! And I love when happy thoughts inspire "other" happy activities! :D