Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Challenge

Thanksgiving Challenge 2008
This Challenge is to list 365 things that I am thankful for. I have divided up all my items into categories. Each category lists the things I am thankful for, related specifically to the category heading. Things that seem to be re-listed, may just be me expressing my gratitude for the item in a different way. This list is in no way inclusive! The more I think about it, the more things I am grateful for...but I am only going to 365 things, here and now. I have added lots of links to lots of the interesting things I am thankful for. And, of course, the link to the one who started it all, The Mommy Bee:
Join the challenge by writing your own list of things you're thankful for and joining the carnival

1. Husband, S. He is my best friend, and I love him!
2. Son, Bug. He helps me appreciate everything about life.
3. Dad
4. Mom
5. Sister 1
6. Sister 2
7. Sister 3
8. Father-in-law
9. Mother-in-law
10. All of my in-law siblings (it would be too much to list them all!)
11. Grandpa P
12. Grandma P
13. Step-grandma P (my grandpa got remarried after my grandmother passed away)
14. Grandma N
15. Grandpa N
16. Aunts
17. Uncles
18. Cousins
19. Newborn babies
20. Hubby hugs
21. Date night
22. Family Home Evening
23. Family prayer
24. Holiday get-togethers
25. Family pictures
26. Living close to family
27. Family traditions
28. Built-in best friends (siblings)
29. Shoulders to cry on
30. Family History
31. Free babysitters
32. Massages from hubby

33. Singing
34. Sewing
35. Knitting
36. Crocheting
37. Writing
38. Typing
39. Cooking
40. Baking
41. Listening
42. Painting
43. Rubik’s cube
44. Blogging
45. Reading
46. Reading music
47. Humoring others
48. Driving
49. Driving a stick shift
50. Organizing
51. Studying
52. Researching
53. Giving service
54. Decorating
55. Playing with Bug
56. Showing passion in my interests
57. Dedication
58. Juggling
59. Being good at everything I try
60. Being compassionate
61. Loving others
62. Identifying wildflowers
63. Canvases
64. Voice books
65. Sewing machine
66. Wool yarn
67. “Just lookin’ downright hot” says hubby

68. Two computers
69. Nice printer
70. Fast Internet connection
71. Cell phones
72. Gaming system
73. Tons of movies
74. TV
75. DVD player
76. Tons of CD’s
77. Microwave oven
78. Toaster oven
79. Dishwasher
80. Washer/dryer in the apartment
81. Two bedroom apartment
82. Bumbo chair
83. Lots of toys for Bug
84. Lots of toys for hubby
85. Piano keyboard
86. Huge bed
87. Garbage disposal
88. Paper towels
89. Link sausage
90. Hand held vacuum “dust buster”
91. WiiFit
92. Bebe au Lait nursing cover
93. Getting to eat out
94. Glock 19
95. 600 thread count sheets
96. Cord-a-Roy kind sized beanbag chair/bed
97. 8 cookie sheets
98. Pfaltzgraff dishes
99. Fuzzy socks
100. Coffee table
101. Paper towel holder
102. Good water pressure
103. Slip on shoes
104. Memory foam pillow

105. Calling my hubby my best friend
106. Keeping in touch with friends via the Internet
107. Visiting at friends’ houses
108. Friends with young children
109. Relating to other young moms
110. My relationship with my sisters
111. Visiting Teachers
112. Home Teachers
113. New traditions
114. Sleepovers when I was younger
115. Contacts for learning new things
116. Contacts for sharing information
117. Hanging out
118. Freedom from boredom
119. Sharing interests
120. Hand-me-down clothes for Bug
121. Sharing beliefs
122. Babysitting resources
123. Enjoy pregnancy vicariously until I’m pregnant again
124. Learning new recipes
125. Not having to cook dinner every night
126. Borrowing toys
127. Getting out of my own house
128. Sharing movies
129. Inside jokes
130. Having a listening ear
131. Being able to help others
132. Giving advice
133. Receiving advice
134. Getting help when moving
135. Appreciation of talents

136. Rice cooker (and rice)
137. Bran flakes cereal (This got me through my pregnancy with Bug!)
138. Oatmeal
139. Cheddar cheese
140. 2% Milk
141. Eggs
142. Jungle Jim’s
143. Baking powder
144. Flour
145. Sugar
146. Wheat bread
147. Potatoes
148. Onions
149. Homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese
150. Eating out at Acapulco (our favorite Mexican Restaurant)
151. Eating out at China Town Buffet
152. Eating out at O’Charlies (best rolls EVER!)
153. Fresh pumpkin pie
154. Cooking nearly everything from scratch
155. Kroger brand Egg nog
156. Crock Pot meals
157. Ground beef
158. Frozen chicken
160. Sunday breakfast made my hubby
161. Homemade chili
162. Cream of _____ soups
163. Candy treats
164. Three meals a day
165. Warm Jell-O
166. Milk chocolate
167. Baby spoons
168. Baby bibs
169. Chopsticks
170. Homemade fudge
171. Pocky

172. Attachment parenting
173. Pregnancy
174. Childbirth
175. Baby smiles
176. Baby firsts
177. Co-sleeping
178. Breastfeeding
179. Baby wearing
180. Cloth diapers
181. Bug’s naps
182. My future children
183. Possibilities of adoption
184. Joy that parenting brings
185. Play time
186. Reading to Bug
187. Quality time
188. Growing teeth
189. Learning to crawl
190. Teaching opportunities
191. Cool toys
192. Baby laughs and noises
193. Bath time (or shower time, rather)
194. Feeling like an adult
195. Being able to love so much
196. To be called “mama”
197. To call hubby “papa”
198. Taking responsibility of child’s health
199. Better understanding of MY mother
200. Learning to listen to my own body
201. Finding new things to teach Bug
202. Wiggles
203. Bug flirting
204. When Bug wakes up happy
205. Nursing pads
206. Baby carriers
207. Unassisted Childbirth, even though I haven’t done it yet.

208. Computers
209. Internet
210. TV
211. Movies
212. DVD’s
213. CD’s
214. CD players
215. Air conditioners
216. Cinemas
217. Baby monitors
218. Projectors
219. Cars
220. Busing systems
221. Digital cameras
222. Phones
223. Cell phones
224. E-mail
225. Facebook
226. Blogs
227. Batteries
228. Wii
229. Video games
230. Microwaves
231. Electric heating
232. Elevators
233. Airplanes
234. Printers
235. Lights (especially LED)
236. Rechargeable batteries
237. DVD player
238. Remotes

240. PSEO
241. Talented and Gifted programs
242. Psychology
243. Biology
244. Associate’s Degree
245. High School Diploma
246. Almost having my Bachelor’s
247. Research experience
248. Scholarships
249. Simple math
250. Appreciation of reading
251. Introductions to Classic literature
252. Improved writing skills
253. Job opportunities
254. Language experience
255. Child development
256. CPR
257. First Aid
258. Self defense
259. Family structures
260. Text books to reference
261. Dictionaries
262. Wikipedia
263. “word-a-day” books
264. Southern State Community College
265. Miami University
266. Good professors
267. Public speaking opportunities
268. How to manage money
269. Hubby getting to go to the University of Cincinnati
270. Future homeschooling
271. Clipboards

272. Counter top space
273. Couch
274. Bookshelves full of books
275. Computer
276. Internet access
277. Kitchen table
278. Chairs
279. Glider
280. California King sized bed
281. Shower
282. Bathtub
283. Toilet (and toilet paper!)
284. Sinks
285. Refrigerator
286. Microwave
287. Washer
288. Dryer
289. Dishwasher
290. Personal space
291. Independence
292. Freedom
293. Locks
294. Four seasons
295. Green trees
296. Lightening bugs
297. Cincinnati
298. Country roads
299. The Constitution of the Unites States of America
300. Colorful drinking cups
301. Water/Fire proof safe
302. Light switches
303. Headboard wide enough to hold a cup of water
304. Drawers that slide well

305. Lactational amenorrhea
306. Lactation
307. Toothbrushes/toothpaste
308. Shampoo/Conditioner (even though I don’t use it regularly)
309. Face wash/moisturizer
310. Bar soap
311. Deodorant (mine AND Scotty’s)
312. Minimal doctor visits
313. No vaccines for Bug
314. Glasses
315. Nasal spray
316. Lotion
317. Clean clothes to wear
318. Petroleum Jelly (for my super dry skin)
319. Cleaning supplies
320. Doctors—when we need them
321. My ability to give birth
322. Puffs Plus lotion tissues
323. Baby wipes
324. Colloidal silver
325. Breast milk
326. Warm coats
327. Clean water
328. Plenty of food
329. Never had a broken bone
330. Nail clippers
331. Easy pregnancy with Bug
332. No major health problems
333. Kitchen gloves
334. Plants that are hard to kill

Religion (Learn More!)
335. God, my Heavenly Father
336. Jesus Christ
337. Holy Ghost
338. The Atonement
339. The Plan of Happiness
340. Forgiveness
341. Miracles
342. Personal revelation
343. The Priesthood
344. Prophets
345. Apostles
346. Bible
347. The Book of Mormon
348. Doctrine and Covenants
349. Pearl of Great Price
350. Church Magazines
351. Sacrament
352. Temples
353. Temple ordinances
354. Covenants
355. Prayer
356. Seminary/Institute
357. Relief Society
358. Service
359. Continued revelation
360. Priesthood blessings
361. Fellow shipping with Saints
362. Eternal families
363. Modesty
364. Hymns and Holiday music
365. My RM hubby

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Some days, Bug and I both just wake up on the WRONG side of the bed. That is the worst thing possible, and makes for a really rough day. Mommy is cranky, and needs more space....but baby is also cranky, and needs more Mommy. Or he doesn't need Mommy. No, wait, he DOES want Mommy. But, he wants her to hold him and stand just slightly left of the very center of the living room, on one foot, with her head tilted to the front and right (just the right angle to pull the hair out of her nape), and bending her knee, and humming a song, BUT NOT TOO LOUD, and letting him nurse on and off and on and off...while still pulling the hair... at least he's doing THAT for me, so I don't have to amidst all the other demands!

And when Daddy gets home, Mommy is pooped. And SOMEHOW, Bug is just full of smiles.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just a reminder...

You only have one more week to get together your list of 365 things you are thankful for! Don't think you can do it? Well, it is a Thanksgiving -Challenge-! And, I think you can do it!!!! I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Bandwith exceeded??? Whatever that means, my old background (which I loved, thankyouverymuch) is no longer. Expect to see some changes until I find what I really like.

Please Research: Babywearing

So, I've been a bad babywearing advocate. For the past week, babywearers everywhere have been celebrating International Babywearing Week! Of course, it ended yesterday, and I am only now posting about it. Such is the mother's lament. However, there has been no shortage of babywearing blog posts, especially since Motrin, in a genious move, decided to put forth an ad bashing babywearers. Don't even ask what they were thinking, but they have issued an apology...after the wrath that they dealt with via email. (Oh, yeah, I emailed them!)

Anyway, I would like to put forth my ever friendly reminder to -Please Research- babywearing. There are studies that show babies that are worn cry less, grow up to be more independent, and (believe it or not) are smarter! Plus, it feels so great to have your baby close by! There are TONS of fancy carriers to choose from, or you can just use a simple piece of cloth. I, myself, have a ring sling, a mei tai, and a couple of wraps. I love my wraps the best. And, I have made everything myself, so I didn't break the bank just to wear my baby.

There are so many reasons to wear your baby, I can't even begin to list them. If you wear your baby correctly, it should NOT hurt. There is a learning curve for using carriers, especially those like wraps. But, once you figure it out, you can get so much more done while you are wearing your little loved one! People all around the world wear their babies! It's sad that our Western culture is just now figuring it out.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanksgiving Challenge

I want to extend the challenge to all of my readers to join together with The Mommy Bee and MANY other bloggers to do a Thanksgiving Challenge. Put together a list of as many things as you can think of that you are thankful for, and on Thanksgiving Day you can post your list with this pretty little button:

Join the challenge by writing your own list of things you're thankful for and joining the carnival

You can make your list as big or small as you like. The real challenge is to make a gratitude full list of 365 things, one for each day of the year. You can refer to the Thanksgiving Challenge link for a few ideas on the Challenge and how to organize your list. There is also a script for the button on Mommy Bee's blog, so you can add it to your post and we will all be linked together! Thanks Mommy Bee for this wonderful idea!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Banana Poop

Now that Bug is 6 months old, we have decided that it is OK to start him on solids. YAY! Since my hubby works for Chiquita, and we get bananas every Tuesday, Bug's first solid food was....banana! Naturally. Of course, I am still nursing every minute of every hour of every day every week (or something like that). I am just introducing Bug to chewing, kind of. And swallowing thicker foods. At least I think he is swallowing. Well, yeah, he is swallowing, just not very much and not very well.

I am SO glad that I had just finished reading up online about feeding babies solid foods, or else the whole "banana poop" thing would have totally freaked me out. Let me tell you a little bit about banana poop. Anyone who has every made or had banana bread should be able to figure out what I am going to try to explain. If you haven't had any experience with banana bread, and you want to know what I am talking about, you have two options: 1. make/eat some banana bread or 2. change the diaper of a breastfed baby that has eaten banana recently.

Ok, now that I have captured your attention, and you are TOTALLY dying to know what banana poop is, here is the story. I mash up some delicious banana for Bug. I put on his bib (which he is NOT fond of). I spoon some banana into his mouth. He looks at me like I am crazy, but he is not disgusted. Most of the banana comes out as he works it around in his mouth. He loves shoving the spoon into his mouth. I keep filling up the spoon with banana, and he keeps attempting to eat it. Yay for solids! I clean him up and we go on with our day. The next morning, we get up and spend some quality time together. Bug lets out his usual morning poop noises. I ask him, "Do you need a diaper change!?!" (In the lovely mother-ease voice that we always use.) Bug smiles HUGELY. So, off to the diaper changing station I have set up in the bedroom. I get everything ready and open up the dirty diaper. It is the same lovely yellow/orange color that breastfed baby poop happens to be. But wait?!?! There appear to be little brown stringy things inside there too! This is where the banana bread knowledge comes into play. You know how banana bread has those brown stringy things in it. Yeah. Well, apparently a baby's digestive track is a lot like an oven, and it does the same thing to the delicious banana. Yum!

I keep wondering what pumpkin banana bread batter would look like?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Teething. Sucking.

The little guy is teething now. Big time. First, we noticed a ridge on his bottom gums. Then he started getting fussy. He is still a happy camper when anyone even remotely interesting is around (like dad.) But he fusses for mom at home ALL DAY LONG! It is quite discouraging, and I feel like I'm ready to pull my hair out (which would be bad, considering I'm STILL losing a ton of it, thanks to postpartum hormones). Then, Bug got a snotty nose. Now, all the books say that a snotty nose is NOT a sign of teething. However, all the experienced moms I have talked to, say that every single one of their kids got boogery when they were teething. I'm convinced. And Bug is convinced that the nasal aspirator is of the Devil, no matter how much it helps him breathe. Finally, I can actually see two little pearly whites threatening to break the surface. Well, I can kind of see them. Bug isn't too excited about mom trying to peek into his mouth.

Nursing is going to get interesting, I think. Bug hasn't started gnawing (on me) yet. He does chew on everything else, but luckily I haven't been subjected to the teething baby torture. I'm quite nervous about when those teeth actually pop out and he realizes that he has them, and what they can do. Because of the boogery nose, I have to use the "nose sucker" on Bug before he can nurse. If I don't, he pulls off and reattaches over and over again, just to breathe. And fusses. And snorts. No fun. Of course, sucking out the boogers isn't all sugar either. Bug is starting to realize how loudly he can scream. Every little boo-boo, every little string of snot that gets sucked, every little moment of mom not giving attention, he raises his voice to deafening decibels.

I must say though, Bug has been a total trooper through it all so far. Even through the fussiness, he doesn't act like it bothers him all that much. I have to look at the glass half full side on this, because I've been told it could be much worse.