Monday, November 10, 2008

Banana Poop

Now that Bug is 6 months old, we have decided that it is OK to start him on solids. YAY! Since my hubby works for Chiquita, and we get bananas every Tuesday, Bug's first solid food was....banana! Naturally. Of course, I am still nursing every minute of every hour of every day every week (or something like that). I am just introducing Bug to chewing, kind of. And swallowing thicker foods. At least I think he is swallowing. Well, yeah, he is swallowing, just not very much and not very well.

I am SO glad that I had just finished reading up online about feeding babies solid foods, or else the whole "banana poop" thing would have totally freaked me out. Let me tell you a little bit about banana poop. Anyone who has every made or had banana bread should be able to figure out what I am going to try to explain. If you haven't had any experience with banana bread, and you want to know what I am talking about, you have two options: 1. make/eat some banana bread or 2. change the diaper of a breastfed baby that has eaten banana recently.

Ok, now that I have captured your attention, and you are TOTALLY dying to know what banana poop is, here is the story. I mash up some delicious banana for Bug. I put on his bib (which he is NOT fond of). I spoon some banana into his mouth. He looks at me like I am crazy, but he is not disgusted. Most of the banana comes out as he works it around in his mouth. He loves shoving the spoon into his mouth. I keep filling up the spoon with banana, and he keeps attempting to eat it. Yay for solids! I clean him up and we go on with our day. The next morning, we get up and spend some quality time together. Bug lets out his usual morning poop noises. I ask him, "Do you need a diaper change!?!" (In the lovely mother-ease voice that we always use.) Bug smiles HUGELY. So, off to the diaper changing station I have set up in the bedroom. I get everything ready and open up the dirty diaper. It is the same lovely yellow/orange color that breastfed baby poop happens to be. But wait?!?! There appear to be little brown stringy things inside there too! This is where the banana bread knowledge comes into play. You know how banana bread has those brown stringy things in it. Yeah. Well, apparently a baby's digestive track is a lot like an oven, and it does the same thing to the delicious banana. Yum!

I keep wondering what pumpkin banana bread batter would look like?

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Mommy Bee said...

The first time Bear ate watermelon his poop was a scary color of pinky red...I was scared that there was blood in it until the next poo was totally normal and I realized it had just been the fruit!!