Thursday, November 6, 2008

Teething. Sucking.

The little guy is teething now. Big time. First, we noticed a ridge on his bottom gums. Then he started getting fussy. He is still a happy camper when anyone even remotely interesting is around (like dad.) But he fusses for mom at home ALL DAY LONG! It is quite discouraging, and I feel like I'm ready to pull my hair out (which would be bad, considering I'm STILL losing a ton of it, thanks to postpartum hormones). Then, Bug got a snotty nose. Now, all the books say that a snotty nose is NOT a sign of teething. However, all the experienced moms I have talked to, say that every single one of their kids got boogery when they were teething. I'm convinced. And Bug is convinced that the nasal aspirator is of the Devil, no matter how much it helps him breathe. Finally, I can actually see two little pearly whites threatening to break the surface. Well, I can kind of see them. Bug isn't too excited about mom trying to peek into his mouth.

Nursing is going to get interesting, I think. Bug hasn't started gnawing (on me) yet. He does chew on everything else, but luckily I haven't been subjected to the teething baby torture. I'm quite nervous about when those teeth actually pop out and he realizes that he has them, and what they can do. Because of the boogery nose, I have to use the "nose sucker" on Bug before he can nurse. If I don't, he pulls off and reattaches over and over again, just to breathe. And fusses. And snorts. No fun. Of course, sucking out the boogers isn't all sugar either. Bug is starting to realize how loudly he can scream. Every little boo-boo, every little string of snot that gets sucked, every little moment of mom not giving attention, he raises his voice to deafening decibels.

I must say though, Bug has been a total trooper through it all so far. Even through the fussiness, he doesn't act like it bothers him all that much. I have to look at the glass half full side on this, because I've been told it could be much worse.


AFarCryFromNormal said...

Ahh the joys! Faith is threatening to teeth too. She is WAY slobbery. Ohh and yes I too say ALL my kids got snotty,fever,fussy during teething. Have you used the teething tablets? (THey are homeopathic) I swear by them. They help so much. There is also some teething liquid that has chamomille in it that I gave my kiddos too. You can get all this at Whole Foods. Let me know if you need the names. Hang in there. I will be there soon lamenting over teeth!

Mommy Bee said...

Proper nursing involves putting the tongue OVER the lower teeth (actually sticking it out past the lip usually--using the tongue and upper lip to create the suction). In other words, if he is nursing properly, he CAN'T bite while nursing...not until he gets top teeth. :) I can't tell you how comforting that was for me!!
Actually, my son has never bitten me really...there were a couple of accidental nibbles in the early days (not too painful--less than a shot for example), and then in more recently months there have been a couple times when he was *playing* instead of nursing and he got a bit of a chomp on me...but it really hasn't been that bad.
I know moms who have weaned over biting, so yeah, it happens...but I think it's the exception, not the rule.
I second the vote for hylands teething tablets--I keep them handy at all times!! (Some of the ingredients help them relax/sleep too, as well as cutting pain.) The only warning is that they are milk-based, so if your son has an allergy then dont touch them!!!

The Thalman's said...

I haven't used teething tablets, yet. If it gets too bad, I will definitely get some! We have a nice natural foods store that should have some, should I need them. (Or, I mean, should Benji need them! :D) Yeah, I know that I SHOULDN'T have to worry about biting while nursing with the lower teeth. But if the little monster finds out that he has teeth, he may be inclined to use them, in between sucking! I'm just a tinsy bit afraid of that! Come to think of it, I've been able to deal with him yanking off, so a nibble shouldn't be too bad!