Monday, January 26, 2009

My Little Monster

There is great excitement that comes with every new achievement...or at least most new achievements!

Bug is my little, daredevil. My little monster. He started walking with a walker. Honestly, it surprised the heck out of me. We were visiting with some friends, and we decided to see how Bug would react with their son's walker. Of course, Bug practically took off running, while I was left behind with his dust collecting in my wide open mouth. I didn't know he could do that!!!

Bug also growls like a little monster. A lot.

And he finally figured out how to use his teeth. He has also acquired another pearly white. He now has three, with the fourth well on its way to making an appearance. He thinks it is GREAT fun to suck and scrape away while nursing. YIPEE DOODLE-EE YOWZA DOG DAY does that hurt! Whenever he does that, I yell a quick, loud, sharp, "NO!" at him. Then, he gets sad. Really sad. And he brings out those precious, puppy dog eyes and that whimpering lip. What mom could resist? I hug him tighter and I offer more nursing so he will be happy again.

The little monster.

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Josie said...

How cute!!! BTW- I agree with the cotton nursing pads! Also the not weaning thing! Good luck! I use 2 at night on each side, it might help you too!