Monday, February 2, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

Bug is so hilarious! He keeps me laughing all the time. Even when he is being a pill, it only takes one little giggle or babble to make me laugh. Just last night, we were laying in bed. I had nursed Bug, and I was sure he was asleep. He had rolled away from me, and I was glad to roll away from him to snuggle with the hubby. Not even a minute later, Bug rolls back over and starts laughing and playing. It was liked he had just tricked me into thinking he was asleep, and now he was having a great laugh about it! Crazy kid.

No matter how much Bug likes to keep me from sleep and my dear, patient husband, he likes nothing better than hair...except maybe paper. When I am nursing Bug, he plays with my hair, and his hair. When I am holding Bug, he grabs my hair to feel it, and to eat it. I swear, my hair is always wet, because he tries to eat it all the time!

Oh, but then there is paper. That delicious treat. He WILL find it, if there is any on the floor. And he will eat it. And he will cry if you take it away from him. One perfectly healthy day, Bug vomited. Upon my further inspection, I found a slimy, little wad of lime green Post-it stuck to the back of Bug's throat. And Bug's tongue was dyed green. Where and how on earth he found that, I may never know. But he sure loves paper.


Nana said...

I don't think I know a baby who does not like hair. If it is on the floor anywhere, they will find it. Just be glad it was paper.

megandjon said...

My Booboo definitely tracks down and chews on any paper in the vicinity also. I have perfected the mouth sweep. You'd think, instead, I would perfect vacuuming!