Friday, February 6, 2009

Sick Mama

I am in the middle of a horrible cold. Let me tell you is no fun. Especially because Bug is also a snotty mess with a croup-wannabe cough. Of course, he still has the energy to destroy the whole house, and all I can do is lay on the couch or run to the bathroom when the gazillion cups of water I'm inhaling finally make their way through my body. We all need to get better...soon.

My birthday is Wednesday of next week. I seriously don't want to be sick on my birthday. I want to chow down on some delicious cake (rich, moist, homemade chocolate? Chocolate Tuxedo Cream from The Cheesecake Factory? Ice cream cake from DQ...because February isn't cold enough already, but I can't resist those yummy, fudgy, chocolaty crunchies!)

But, on the bright side, Bug is becoming good friends with the "nose sucker". You know, that lovely bulb syringe/nasal aspirator that all babies just LOVE. And I'm becoming good friends with my Halls Naturals menthol cough drops. They numb my raw throat, and that feels fabulous! And, I'm finally getting to use my lanolin! I have probably only used it for its intended purpose a couple of times. And I used it once to lanolize some longies for Bug. But, I've discovered it's great for when your nose starts to chap, because of all the blowing. (Maybe I should get myself a nose sucker instead!)

Oh, yeah, I also got called at church to teach Nursery MUSIC! Lalala! I'm not exactly excited about it. Especially since this cold is eating my brain, and thinking about singing makes my throat bleed. I probably picked up this dang cold from being in their last week anyway.

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DeNae said...

Hello, Mallory! Thank you for introducing yourself on my blog. I'm so happy you've enjoyed your 'lurking' time, and that you've finally outed yourself!

I'm sorry you're sick, and a sick baby is so hard. It's like being a mom to a grumpy glazed doughnut.

When you're feeling better, remember that I told you this: You are going to LOVE that nursery calling. The music gig is great; you don't have to stay in there for the full 2 hours, and you get to be the first one to introduce all that amazing doctrine to those little ones. Trust me on this one...