Monday, February 9, 2009


My birthday is this week! I'm overly excited about it. And, of course, I am always trying to get more comments and more traffic on my blog. Soooooo.....I decided to do a free giveaway in celebration of my birthday! Lucky you!

But there is a catch: to win, you must submit (via comment) the funniest mother's lament that YOU have ever experienced. The winner will have their funny story posted on The Mother's Lamentations AND will win this beautiful, handmade (by a lady from my church), baby boy blanket.

The blanket has a crocheted edge, which, apparently, is all the rage these days. However, there is some bleeding from the red dye. I know, it's a totally lame giveaway. But, HEY! IT'S FREE!!! And you will get your story posted on my awesome blog! And who wouldn't want that!?

The rules: submit a comment on this post anytime from now until Friday at midnight (no matter when your midnight falls, I won't be up reading comments! So, even if you post really early on Saturday, you may still have a chance!) On Saturday, I will pick a winner, with help from my husband (meaning he'll pick the story he likes, and I'll end up picking something totally different). I will post the winner's story on Saturday. Then you, the winner, will have the weekend to get me your mailing address. On Monday, I will put your free blanket in the mail!

Wow! Just reading over this I realized that I'm such a control freak that I managed to make my free giveaway not even sound fun! Whatever...have fun, go crazy, leave a comment, 'cause my birthday is this week!!!!


Melinda said...

Yay for birthdays!! Does this mean you're feeling better? I hope so! Um, so am I supposed to leave my lamentation right here, right now? Or am I supposed to post it on my blog? I'm a little long winded, and I can't think of things that fast. Um, let me know, cuz I DO have a little baby boy and I think that blankie is super cute! :)

Kristina P. said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!

And happy birthday!

Mallory said...

Melinda, I will let you know here (and I'll comment on one of your posts to make sure you know for sure) that you leave your lamentation right here, right now. Well, I mean, you can type it up seperate, and take all the time you need to make it sound perfect, and then copy/paste it into comment form right here! You have until Friday night, so it doesn't have to be RIGHT NOW. But, yes, right here!

And yes, I am feeling much better, thank you! Just a little residual cough and throat tickle.

Mallory said...
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Melinda said...

Okay! I will have to think long and hard about which lamentation is the opposed to just awful or sad...:)

Jennifer said...

What's a mom lamentation? I'm not a mom so does that disqualify me? haha