Thursday, January 21, 2010

Toddlers CAN be great!

Hi. Hello. Remember me?! I'm The Mother. The one who used to post frequently on this blog. The one who used to be funny and tell stories about the crazy life of a mother. I'm still here. Sometimes. For the most part, I'm still reading all those other blogs that I love to read. And sometimes....just sometimes, I actually comment on them. And every now and then, I actually get around to putting some energy into this here blog. (But it's just a little bit of energy, so don't expect anything great!)

Anyway, I'm sure you all are sick and tired of hearing about how I'm sick and tired. I figure I've only got about 3-4 more weeks of that (which means you may only have to read about 2 more posts about it all, before this pregnancy starts to get really interesting)! I'm still chugging on with life. I actually did the dishes this morning! (Honey, would you PLEASE rinse out your Tupperware when you get home. I'm afraid I won't be able to do the dishes anymore if you don't!) So...I've actually lost like 2 pounds so far. Last night I had one of my pregnant woman crazy moments. I asked the husband if he ever thought that I was faking being sick. He said....very sheepishly...that yes, he had wondered. Then, I reminded him that I can rarely finish the food on my plate anymore, and THAT is VERY out of character for me. He acknowledged that I was right, and that I probably don't fake being sick (which, for the record, I haven't...yet...but if it helps in 3-4 weeks to keep it up, I may!) Then he asked me if he could do anything for me. Wonderful, sweet man!

Bug, too, has been a wonderful and sweet man boy! Whenever I find myself bawling my eyes out and whining about how I can't go on in this tortured state, Bug is by my side, rubbing my arm and giving me the sweetest little toddler eyes in the whole world. He is TOTALLY going to be by my side when I go into labor! I know he will fantastic labor support. (And if I find I can't stand him at the time, my mom will be there to take him away, 'cause moms are great, too!) Oh, Bug also learned how to open doors. This is actually a great thing, at least for now, because he hasn't used his talent for ill yet! It means in the morning, he can get down and out of bed and go into the living room to play. And I get to stay in bed until I hear him destroying something! It's a wonderful life!


Scotty said...

I am just glad the TV is out of reach now.

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

omg mal it is so funny to hear about your pregnancy! i swear i was the exact same way during my pregnancies- especially andrew's. i swear i was totally good for nothing. i would like go over to my friend's houses and the kids would play and i would just sit there. literally. if i even left the house in the first place. so you are definately hangin in there if you got the dishes done! wahoo :)