Wednesday, August 24, 2011

*New Pictures Added* Not just another day

Ok, ok, ok....I couldn't NOT post today (and I'm wondering how on earth I've let myself go so long...again).

Today is Gizmo's first birthday! We actually celebrated on Monday night with family. I made a super yummy carrot cake and I actually frosted it! (I didn't frost Bug's, pumpkin bread...when he turned a year old. I must be relaxing my parenting style already!) I still think Gizmo might have liked the roasted potatoes for dinner better than he liked the cake, though.

I am really struggling to accept the fact that it HAS been a whole year since I birthed my second child. I don't know if it is just because every year seems to go faster no matter what, or because of some other reason. I suspect that because Gizmo was born at home, and I'm home all the time, it seems like it could have been any time (yes, even just yesterday)! When Bug was born, I was at the hospital. That out-of-home experience gave me more of a frame of reference for how long ago it actually occurred. But I didn't get that (thankfully) with Gizmo's birth.

So, a little about Gizmo's personality: He is really laid back. Don't get me wrong, he is still very active (climbing on the table, walking at 10 months, etc). But he isn't hyper-active (like Bug). It's a bit harder to get him to laugh, and when he does laugh, it is usually more reserved. Although, when he is upset, he definitely lets it all out!!! He is a thinker and observer. I often say that when the boys get into trouble when they are older, it will probably be Gizmo who thought up the plan, and Bug who carried it out.

Gizmo has wild, red hair. We haven't cut it yet, even though it is getting long, because it curls all over the place. It gets him A LOT of attention. It also, apparently, makes him look "too pretty to be a boy", because he gets called a girl quite often.

Gizmo is a pleasure to have in the family. I'm so happy to be him mom! Happy Birthday, Gizmo!!!

(*The original picture from this post was from over a month ago, so, after taking new pictures, I removed it and added some of the new pictures from Gizmo's actual birthday.)


Melinda said...

I love his red hair! I'm a little jealous, I've always wanted a red head! He looks like a sweet sweet BOY! haha

Pamla Barrett said...

I can't believe he's one! I'm missing everything!!! Hopefully we'll get super lucky...i mean blessed and get a job out there soon so we can be a family! :) He is adorable!!! I don't know why but I didn't realize how red his hair is! hahaha Does that come from your side? Cause I didn't think we had red on our side - but Daija got it and Collin has quite the red tint to it too. Hmm. Love you guys!!! Happy Birthday Gideon!

Mallory said...

I have red hair on my side of the family. But, to have a red headed kid, you have to have it on both sides. Which means that there is definitely red somewhere in your family! (Scotty's beard is red.)

TopHat said...

I love the curl on his forehead!

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

Happy happy birthday!! Thanks so much for adding pictures! I love his curl on his forehead :)