Friday, March 9, 2012

Virtual Tour

Welcome to our humble home!
This post is probably more for my family and close friends than any other blog readers. I have had requests for pictures of our new place. So, here is a virtual tour (sorry the pictures are kind of wonky, I did my best getting them into a logical order, but I couldn't get them to all line up the way I wanted them to, and as soon as I added captions, everything got all messed up again!!):
There is a cute little porch...that currently has our ugly trash can on it.
This is what you see when you walk in the front door.
This is what you see if you turn around after walking in the front door.

Looking from the kitchen to the living room (including the evil dishwasher that made me hand wash everything for a week).
To the side of our kitchen, we have a laundry room. There are two doors to the left. The first is a pantry, the second a 1/2 bathroom.
Our kitchen/eat-in dining room/back door

The pantry
1/2 bathroom
Another view of the living room. Door on the left of the picture is the coat closet. The door on the right is the front door.
Up the stairs
Our lovely coat closet/storage closet. (I'm pretty sure if you walk in and keep going, you'll end up in Narnia.)

The upstairs hall

Boys' bathroom, as seen through the mirror, because the door opens into the bathroom, creating a total non-efficient use of space.

Linen closet. Gideon is trying to close bedroom #3, also known as "The Adventure Room".

Here are my models, showing us how fun it is in the Adventure Room.
Closet in the Adventure Room (it is currently the most un-unpacked and unorganized room in the house.)

Boys' bedroom. Which is 1,000,000,000x's cleaner than it was earlier this morning (I had to clean to vacuum...which was horrifying in its own way).
Kid's closet
Master bedroom

Door to the master bathroom (window is just to the right of this picture).

Our lovely garden tub...with a crack in the I won't be able to soak until that's fixed. Sad day.

Master closet. You would be able to walk in just a bit, if there weren't a million bags of blankets on the floor.

Our tiny, sloped back yard...full of prickles, mushrooms, and the smell of moth balls. (But it's warm out there!)
The back of our house, including our kiddie pool, mini grill (we've used it twice this past week), ginormo flower pots (that I hope to put to good use this year), recycling can, a mysterious black bin (that I don't know what to do with, but has awesome bugs underneath of it), and another trash can full of metal (that I also don't know what to do with).

 So there you have it! Our digs here in the Charlotte area! It's a little bit hard to believe that we have already been here for over a week. Things are definitely beginning to feel like home, though.

So, who wants to come visit???


David said...

Who wants to come visit? I do! What a great place! I wish we could find a place like that here! I also love your calendar. Is it dry erase? Hope you're feeling right at home in your new town and new place!

Veronica said...

yay your blogging again!!! I love your new house, it's so cute! And bonus points for having it all put together, you are awesome!

Megan Garner said...

I LOVE IT!!!! It is beautiful! and I can't believe you're in NC. Also, I loooooove your calendar! ;) Can't wait to see you guys!

Pamla Barrett said...

ME!!! But I suppose we may only see each other if there's a wedding! LOVE the house. So glad to hear you guys are doing great there!

Pamla Barrett said...

LOVE the house! I want to come visit!!! But I suppose the only way we will ever see each other again is at a wedding.... Glad to hear you guys are settling in! :) Love you guys!

alohaayala21 said...

Hello guys, I love your new home its beautiful! So sorry we had missed your going away party, we totally forgot all about it due to alot of crazy things going on in our lives lol itsgetting alot better we mis you guys! How are you likeing North Carolina so far? The next time Pedro and I go to visit my dad in South Carolina we just might have to stop and visit you guys that would be awesome! Hope all is well with the new job placement for brother Thalman! We hope to see you guys soon keep in touch!!!