Sunday, July 14, 2013

An updated introduction

I've updated my introduction to this blog. Click the link up under the blog title ^^^ or here in this post to read a little blog history and to get a feel for what these Lamentations are all about.


Michelle Collett said...

Nice new intro! :)

SHEFFERS 'R' US said...

Hi Mallory,

This is Scotty's cousin, Julie. I stumbled across your blog (probably through Facebook) and have loved reading through all your old posts! I figured I should introduce myself, since I'd like to keep reading your updates.

I think one of the absolute best things about blogging is keeping in touch with/getting to know everyone in our big spread out family and it has been such a treat to get know more about you and your sweet family.

Our blog is and you're welcome to check it out if you'd like (it is in desperate need of an update). I am not much of a writer, so it is mostly pictures and captions, with the occasional story about our kids. :)

I hope I'm not weird for doing this! If you are uncomfortable with me following your blog, please let me know and I won't anymore!If you don't mind, I'd love to add a link to your blog, on my own.

Please give Scotty my love.


Julie Thalman Sheffer