Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Declawing the Monster

I'm not quite sure what it is about babies that makes them grow like they do. It is simply amazing! And it applies to every bit of their sweet, little bodies. For example, Bug has one little hair that hasn't rubbed off yet that is about 3 inches long. I can't bring myself to cut it though, because it makes me giggle. But the really amazing thing is the speed at which Bug's nails grow. Whenever I get a little scratch from him I wonder to myself, "Didn't I just cut those suckers an hour ago!?!?" OK, well, maybe they don't grow THAT fast. But, I'm still amazed! I do cut them at least once a week. And, Bug is in the stage where he likes to grab faces...particularly mine; so, it is very important to have those little claws trimmed. I really don't get out much, which is probably a good thing. I'm not sure if people would believe me if I told them I was attacked by a mountain lion ("Yeah, they always go straight for the face.")

Our nail clipping routine goes something like this:
Mommy gets baby nail clippers and a paper towel (to put all the clippings onto). Mommy gets baby, makes him laugh, lays him on the floor...this makes him cry. Mommy grabs a toy to make baby laugh again. While baby is distracted with toy, Mommy grabs Baby's hand (the one that doesn't have the toy). Mommy clips one nail, halfway, before Baby notices that something more interesting is going on here than the "distractor" toy. Mommy hands Baby the toy again. Mommy frantically cuts the other half of the first nail, and then clips three more nails. Mommy receives three nail clippings to the eye. Baby then tries to roll over. Mommy rolls Baby back over, and hands baby a different toy, hoping to interest Baby longer. Mommy finishes first hand, and does a little victory dance, while Baby is rolling over. Mommy rolls Baby back over, hands Baby a new toy, and starts on the second hand. Baby will have nothing to do with the toy, or getting his nails clipped. Mommy sits Baby up in her lap to try clipping in a different position. Mommy might as well be trying to clip Baby's nails while standing on her head. Mommy tries four different positions, and goes back to Baby laying on the floor. Mommy hands baby toy. Mommy frantically cuts five nails. Mommy receives five nail clippings to the eye. Mommy moves to feet. Baby decides to kick up a storm. Mommy gets a kick in the gut. Baby rolls over. Mommy rolls Baby back over, and grabs one foot. Mommy successfully cuts all but the big toe. Baby rolls over. Mommy tries to cut nails while Baby is laying on his tummy. She is successful again, even amid the stream of kicks. Mommy receives a nail clipping to the eye. Baby rolls over. Mommy clips the last nail and Baby lays completely still. Mommy picks up the paper towel. It has one and a half nail clippings on it. Mommy doesn't really care, because Baby's nails are finally clipped. And she was planning on vacuuming next month anyway.

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Brightonwoman said...

I clipped Bears nails while he was asleep.
Now that he's a toddler he's ok with clipping (I clip the nail ALMOST all the way across but leave the very edge attached, then he gets to pull it off...)

I wanted to respond too to your comment on cloth diapering. WOOHOO! Good for you. I don't think there's a learning curve to them so much as that not all babies are shaped the same, so not all diapers fit all babies...I would recommend asking around on diaper swappers for some moms who have babies similarly shaped to yorus, and asking them what brands THEY like for their kiddos. My Bear is long and skinny. I love the idea of Fuzzi Bunz, but they are way too short in the rise for him--he gets serious plumber's crack LOL! So I've had to adapt and find what works for him.