Saturday, September 19, 2009

Contribute 2009

I've mentioned before that my parents are now Scentsy consultants (I think, have I mentioned that???) They sell scented wax that is warmed by special ceramic warmers and a light bulb. Scentsy consultants are each considered small business owners. Scentsy (I wonder how many times I will have to type that word out throughout this post) has put together a campaign to support small, local businesses. The campaign is called Contribute 2009, Big Help for Small Business. On October 12th, all those who want to participate will spend $50 or more at a small business to help out. Please consider making a pledge to help this wonderful cause! [Click the button for more information.]

Contribute 2009

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Sara, Nick, and kids said...

went to zenas party this weekend. there were only like 6 or so people there but i think it went really well:0)