Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Crock Pot Lament

I really think it is still way too early in my marriage for me to be replacing all of my kitchen appliances. But for some reason, they seem to all be breaking. One thing I know, it sure as heck isn't MY fault they are all breaking!

Our hand mixer wobbles, screetches and screams when we turn it on. Of course, that doesn't keep me from using it when I need it, but I prefer to turn it off as soon as possible. The reason: "I was creaming butter and sugar to make cookies." -the Husband

I suspect that the butter was frozen. Really, really frozen.

Ok, so I haven't had to replace the mixer (yet) and there is only one other thing: the Crock Pot. But it still feels like all of my kitchen appliances!!!

But let us get to the reason for this post. The Crock Pot. Mom's best friend and tool in the kitchen. All you have to do is dump your whole freezer into the pot and you will have a delicious meal in 6-8 hours. It never burns. The meat is always tender. The veggies are always perfect. You don't have to stir. It never dries out. Seriously, I'm conviced I could put something in the Crock Pot and come back to it a month later and it would still be delectable. THAT is how much I love my Crock Pot.

But beware of toddlers in the kitchen and cords that are hanging within reach. (I bet I don't even have to finish this story!) Oh yes, Bug pulled the cord of my Crock Pot. He used his amazing strenth and brought down the whole thing. LUCKILY, it was empty. And the lid wasn't on it. And the ceramic pot didn't break. And it didn't crush my kid. Apparently, the actual pot was cushioned in the landing by putting all the weight into the electronic doodad that makes the whole thing work. The doodad doesn't make the thing work anymore. Even my electronically savvy husband was unconvinced that he would be able to fix it, even with his soldering gun and...goggles.

So, I said a sad farewell to my old Crock Pot. I went a couple of weeks without one before I died. Er...well...not really. But it didn't take long before I convinced the hubby that we HAD to buy another one. And another one we did buy! It's pretty cool (literally, it has cool touch sides)!

I couldn't be happier! And we're having a Crock Pot dinner tonight!


Melinda said...

You know whats funny? I LOVE crock pot meals, yet hardly ever make them, because I forget to put the stuff in before its too late and we'd be eating at 11:00 at night. :)

mimihalley said...

I totally agree with your feelings about how wonderful crock pot meals are. Totally. :) And that is so sad about the broken one, but I am way glad that it didn't hit Bug!! I similarly had an accident like that, but it was my fault. I was picking up our laptop, and my arm hit a piece of furniture with enough force to make me drop the laptop, and it landed on its charger. The metal part in the middle is now bent, and I can't seem to get it to unbend and plug back in. :( A laptop without a charger is pretty useless. :(

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

aahhhhhhhhhhh poor baby. i'm glad he is ok.
i am kinda looking forward to replacing my stuff i got from my wedding... with nicer stuff... they better not go out now though!!
lol really we have been planning on getting stainless steel appliances when ours go out so we can eventually have a nice stainless kitchen..... haha!!
our fridge went out just the other week and we bought the cheapest 400 buck fridge they have- seriously like the small freezer that sits on top of the small white fridge and there is no water thing in it or anything. at least it has an icemaker in the freezer. i shouldn't complain too much. our new plan... as soon as we are able we got our nice french door stainless one and this one goes to the garage!!!!

annie valentine said...

I am a crock pot junkie. And we've had our toaster for over ten years, and it shows.