Thursday, October 21, 2010

Food on the Floor

I'm going to blame the lack of blogging lately on the fact that my computer is hooked up to our TV right now. You know, so we can watch hours and hours of "Psych" on Netflix instant download. It's hard to type up posts when you aren't sitting at a computer desk. (In fact, I'm sitting at the table, typing this up, and I'm not even looking at the computer TV screen. I'm sure this post is going to need extensive editing!)

I really don't know what I'm going to blame the lack of vacuuming on right now. I have no excuses. But, as I'm sitting at the kitchen table, I'm painfully aware of the large amount of stale food under Bug's chair. Really, it's disgusting. I just want to know why he has to drop such large amounts of food on the floor.

Yet...during lunch today, I had a bit of a humbling experience, when it comes to food on the floor. I was eating a meal that I just invented, that I will call "Taco Mess". Not quite a soup, not quite a casserole. Anyway, I was asking Bug why he kept dropping beans on the floor (he won't tell me), and all the sudden, a piece of corn rolled off my fork and onto the floor. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have happened if I wasn't so worried about Gizmo. You see, Gizmo was strapped onto my chest in the ring sling, fast asleep. I didn't want to drop food on his head. And I didn't want to bump his back into the edge of the table, so I was having a bit of a hard time getting the food from my plate to my mouth. And then it happened. I dropped food on the floor.

Now, Bug doesn't have to eat his food with a baby strapped to him, but I imagine he still stits there sometimes, wondering how the heck he is going to get the food from his plate to his mouth without making a mess. Sometimes it workks, sometimes it doesn't.

After most meals, I stick Bug in the shower...and vow to vacuum "today"....which may mean "next week". How long will it be before I can move to only vacuuming once a month?? Or, better yet, once a year!


Pamla Barrett said...

My question the rule is that you can't take food out of the kitchen then why is my bedroom floor always covered in cereal crumbs and buscuit crumbs? and Why the entrance to my kitchen that has carpet on it that leads all the way down the stairs always covered in said crumbs? Why does popcorn mysteriously end up in all the couch cushions? LOL I love how rules work. :) But vacuuming we will continue to do...or not do. :)

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

lol i don't know if i am just way over tired or if it's because i am going through the exact same thing at the exact same time but i can't stop laughing out loud! i'm laughing so hard i'm crying! the tongue sticking out- hilarious! and the roaring in the baby's face- priceless! nick keeps asking what's so funny and i keep having to explain- lol guys just don't get it.

mimihalley said...

I do have to remind myself sometimes to be impressed by what Jill can already accomplish on her own rather than be frustrated about the messes she makes along the way to that independence and skill level. Sigh.