Monday, November 1, 2010



Horrible, horrible candy. Or, as Bug would say, "'nacks!" (Snacks).

It turns my two year old into a whining, crying, yelling, screaming, parent-shushing toddler.

Not good.

Therefore, I have divided most of the Halloween candy up between me and the hubs.

Of course, I really don't need all that candy. I'm trying really hard to lose all that baby weight that I so lovingly gained for little Gizmo (who is actually 12.5lbs already, and isn't quite so little).

Which brings me to a something called P90X. Which is, if you haven't heard of it before, a butt-kickin', make-you-feel-like-you're-dying workout program.

My sister and her husband are in town for an extended vacation. They own P90X. And, oh how I love my sister, she is actually motivating me to work out with her. I'm actually pretty good at working out when I have someone to compete with. (And, my sister is as skinny as a rail, so she makes for some good motivating envy!)

Anyway, like this post, I'm completely spacey. (It's been a rough couple of weeks, with the husband working WAY more than he's getting paid to do...stupid salary...and not enough sleep for anyone).

I was talking about 'nacks. This morning, I found Bug on top of the refrigerator. ON TOP OF THE FRIDGE! I tell you what, that kid is crazy. And he got up there for one thing. Candy. Horrible, horrible candy!

(PS- The hubby tickled Gizmo under the chin and actually got him to giggle! It was awesome!)


Mommy Bee said...

We usually do a 24 hr (or maybe MAYBE 48 hr) free-for-all on the candy, then it all goes into one big bowl, and is doled out by mom and dad at our leisure. The kids get a chance to gorge a bit on their favorite things, but then everything is cut back (also, we throw out any crap candy, like toosie rolls and dumdums...they are not good enough to spend the calories on them, you know?)

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

omg where is the camera when you need it! that would have been a sight to see!
congrats on getting the baby to laugh already :)
p.s. is your sister still there? maybe i should hop on over and get myself motivated on this work out program... i can't afford to buy a whole new wardrobe!

mimihalley said...

While it was terribly, terribly naughty, I am incredibly impressed that he got on top of the refrigerator!!

Jeff wants P90X. It's good to hear that you are likely it.

Boo for too much! :(