Thursday, December 30, 2010

Learning to Spell

Bug has been absolutely blooming in the language department as of lately. He is saying so many more words, and they are easier to understand...although most people still look at me and ask, "Do you know what he's saying?" Erm...sometimes I do.

Bug wowed the family about a month ago by showing off his counting skills. He can count to ten on his own about 80% of the time.

Recently, he has started "spelling" words. Whenever he sees letters (on Gizmo's shirt, in his books, on Crayola markers, etc.) he points to the letters and says "E, O, E, O, E, O..." Sometimes he uses "A" and "S". Sometimes it is "B" and "O"...which makes me giggle.

Today, Bug was standing behind me, pointing to the letters on the back of my shirt. And this time, he was saying "B, S, B, S, B, S..."

I love how innocently hilarious he can be!


Melinda said...

Hahahaha! That is awesome.

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

lol that is so funny!
when i lived in bloomington indiana our high school was called "bloomington high school south" i thought it was so dumb that that was the official name cuz everyone referred to it as bloomington south or bloomington north. it took me a while to realize why.... bs highschool??