Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beginning a New Year

Last night, I had a dream that we bought a house. It wasn't the nicest house, but it had enough room. And two kitchens. With 5 stoves (with ovens) and 4 dishwashers.

When I woke up, I couldn't decide if that would be a good thing, or just more to clean.

Aside from keeping up with my blog, I think I've started off the new year fairly well. I went to bed before midnight on New Years Eve, which is a good habit, I assure you. I've kept my [one] kitchen clean. The ever-increasing laundry has been kept at bay. And I'm pretty sure the house has been vacuumed once.

And then I started Round Two of potty training for Bug. Round One didn't go well. After cleaning up half a dozen accidents per day, I gave up on day 3. THIS TIME, I've only cleaned up 4 accidents total, and we're on day 3...and I haven't given up yet. Although, Bug refuses to poop in the toilet. He can squeeze out one nanoliter of urine to get a sticker on his potty chart...but he won't poop for candy. So, on day one...he just didn't poop. Then yesterday, he went and hid in his room to do it. I assure you all, the first time he poops in the potty will be a day of much rejoicing in our home!

Gizmo is growing like crazy. I'm pretty sure I have February 24th marked on the calender for his 6 month mark and subsequently the Day of Starting Solid Foods. He wants to eat solids so badly right now. He watches us so closely when we eat, it makes me feel bad. Like he's staring at me wondering why I would torture him like that. But I'm sticking to my grounds. He's healthy and growing, he doesn't need solids yet, and I don't want to mess up his little baby intestines. Also...he's been teething. Normally, Gizmo is the most mild and lovable baby in the whole wide world. Recently, he's been a cranky little booger. Sometimes. He is surprisingly happy and easy to settle, even when he is long as I stand up with him. But I'm so used to him being incredibly easy and good that whenever he cries it is all that more upsetting!

It's been fun having two kids. Seeing how they are similar. And how they are different. Being a mom is great!


Pamla Barrett said...

Ultimately I believe potty training Chase came down to me being more stubborn than him. It wasn't easy. But at least he's day trained now! :) Chase struggled with pooping too (not to mention having to hurdle the constipation thing - which I think was a holding it in thing) Once he did it a couple times he realized how much better it was and how excited we got and hasn't had a problem since! Good luck! :)

Melinda said...

I'm pretty sure my baby's intestines are ruined because of all the hair and googly eyes and stickers and paper he's eaten. I'm not even kidding.

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

wow good job with the new year! i'm pretty sure i haven't done a single thing right yet this year..... maybe february 1st i can start over???

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

that's totally cute with the food....
i actually did give max some yobaby yogurt when he was on amoxicillan though, he had out of control diarrhea and i was desperate for anything that might stop us from going through 20 diapers a day. blah