Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My little magpie

Bug likes corners. Any kind of corners. He will stand up and lean into a corner. Or he will sit down and lounge in a corner. Or he will lay down in a corner. There are a few corners in our home that are his favorites. One of them is formed by our TV stand and the wall, next to our patio door. One of them is next to the half wall and cabinets in the kitchen/dining room. One of them is next to our filing cabinet and a wall. And another one is behind the TV stand.

This last corner is a little bit different than the other corners. First of all, we have a basket full, and overflowing with blankets right behind the TV. This serves a double purpose: it keeps Bug from getting into the TV cords (our TV is at an angle to the wall, so the back is exposed), and it provides easy access to blankets for snuggling on the couch. Then, right next to the basket of blankets, we have a paper shredder...which I keep unplugged unless I need to use it. Really, it isn't an ideal place for a paper shredder, but that is where it is. And Bug loves it there. He sits in that little corner, with his arm draped over the shredder. It is quite adorable.

Bug also plays with my old cell phone. It still has some battery life. He loves the lights and the noises that it makes. But, the battery doesn't last long.

Well, last night, the hubs and I were sitting on the couch. He was playing Chocobo's Dungeon, I was reading Sherlock Holmes. Bug was playing on the floor (then nursing, then playing on the floor, then nursing). We were enjoying our relaxing evening. Then....Ba-Doop.

"I guess the battery on Bug's phone is dying."

Then 5 minutes later (or was it 10? 15? I lose track of time when I read)....Ba-Doop. Hmmm....usually the phone goes downhill so fast that it completely shuts off after the first warning.

Ba-Doop! 5/10/15 minutes. Ba-Doop! 5/10/15 minutes. Ba-Doop!

Finally, we were annoyed. It was time for bed. And time to find the stupid phone and smash it into a million tiny pieces turn it off.

My mother's instinct is really good at finding things, so after one more call for help from the dying phone, I walked right over to Bug's paper shredder corner and found the phone (and turned it off, directly). But, to my great surprise, there was more than just an old, dying cell phone back there.

I found a Best Buy membership card paper, a nose sucker (nasal aspirator), two cars of Bug's toy train, a miniature basketball, a blue MegaBlok, and a computer mouse. There may or may not have been a couple of Cheerios, too.


Melinda said...

Oh he is a cute little Bug!! I LOVE the picture and I love that he hides stuff back there--too cute!

Terresa said...

Your mother's instinct @ finding things...let's hope that continues! I have a pretty good radar for that stuff, too.