Friday, May 1, 2009

"How old is he?"

I get asked this question ALL THE TIME. I probably get asked this question almost as often (but not quite) as this blog gets hit by searching Google for "banana poop". (I'm glad my blog has that kind of fame!)

Anyway, back to the question that everyone is dying to know. I'm going to answer it for you today-as long as you promise not to ask me again next week! And the answer is...


Holy Mackerel!!! When did that happen!?! I could go on and on all about Bug today, but that's what this whole blog is about, so you might as well search the archives and stay tuned for future stories. (Yeah, click that button on the right that says "Follow"!)

I will tell you some things though. For starters, my son's name isn't really Bug. Duh! I just refer to him as Bug on here to protect us. Although, any fraud or psychopath could probably figure out who we are anyway. Also, "Bug" is a term of endearment on my husband's side of the family. I almost never call the little guy Bug. Mostly I call him Beaner Wiener...or by his real name, of course.

Bug is my first born (and so far, only) child. He has those stereotypical first born traits being totally independent. He is also 100% boy. But that may be a product of societal norms, fatherly expectations, etc. Actually, he does like to cuddle quite a bit, so maybe he is only 98% boy. Then again, he also like to eat dirt...hmmm...he's 100% boy (or at least 99.99%).

He's such a smart kid, and a total joy (except when he's not). He keeps me laughing every day. The tender emotions I feel when I think about my son give me teary eyes. Nothing could have prepared me for being a mother. It is such a powerful and mighty responsibility. I'm so glad I'm a mom to this fabulous child. And I look forward, with eager anticipation, to the many adventures and laments to come.


Hey, leave me alone! I'm allowed to put up a couple of pictures and brag on his birthday!


Anonymous said...

He's such a handsome little guy! I love the crooked smile in the second pic. Priceless!

Melinda said...

YAY! Yay for one year olds! Yay for moms! Yay for a cutey patootey beaner weiner!! Loved this!

Martha said...

I have the best lookin' Grandson!!!

Veronica Snapp said...

He IS cute.... go on... brag a little more! I certainly would if he were my child! I love the last picture... b&w with the red balloon (ball?!) crooked smile... he is going to be a heart-breaker already! Happy birthday Bug!

Future Mama said...

He's is such a cutie, I can't tell he's gonnab e a heartbreaker when he's older!

Can't believe, just almost one! He does look older :)

One Cluttered Brain said...

Oh my goodness! YOU are so stinking funny! ROFL at this post. Beaner Weiner! How funny! The nickname I give my youngest is Buppy. Buppy Puppy. But of course we WOULD never name her that!
I have a button coming soon I just have to play around alittle with it first. Do you know Mom NERD? She is very funny. You should head over to her blog. There are links on my blog to her blog. (Also a button) She rocks!