Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anatomy 101

According to Freud, Bug is still in the Oral Stage. I'm not much of a believer in the Freudian ways. I prefer to stick with Erikson's psychosocial development stages. I do, however, see examples of Bug wanted to learn about and explore his body...and anyone else's, for that matter.

"Where's Bug's head?" I ask. If I am lucky, Bug will reach up and pat his head with both of his hands. How's that for cute? Most of the time, though, Bug will shriek with delight and grab the closest toy (which usually ends up in his mouth).

"Brush you teeth!" has become one of my famous sayings...already! Every time the hubs and I get our toothbrushes ready and start brushing, Bug won't be satisfied until he has his own brush in hand. He thinks it is just a regular toy, and it gets carried around the house, despite my attempts to keep it in the bathroom. Now....where has it gone this time?

"Cabeza, Cara, Hombros, Pies. Hombros, Pies. Hombros, Pies. Cabeza, Cara, Hombros, Pies. Ojos, orejas, boca, nariz!" For those of you don't know already, this is the Spanish version of the song "Head, shoulders, knees and toes". I'm fairly convinced that Bug's first word is going to be in Spanish, and I won't even know that he's said his first word, because I won't understand it!

Perhaps Bug will grow up to be an ENT or a dentist. His little fingers love to probe into any facial orifice they can find. Usually this is my mouth or nose while nursing. And on more than one occasion, I have found him picking his nose...which is usually followed by a demonstration of how he can fit his whole fist into his mouth.

Nursing games. Uhm...we won't go into all that goes on while nursing, it's just embarrassing. Fine, fine. Ok! Quit pestering me about it, I'll tell you. Nosey people. Anyway, Bug likes to twiddle (as most older nursing babies/toddlers do), and fondle, and blow raspberries. And just yesterday, he lovingly grabbed a hold of my belly fat roll and squeezed and kneaded it gently. How sweet.

Tickles! Bug is so ticklish on his belly button...and his upper thigh. And he loves to blow raspberries on my belly button. He would probably do it to his daddy, too, but nobody likes the feeling of having a hair stuck in your mouth.

"Toes in your nose" is a favorite game of ours. Kids are just so darn flexible, and they love it when their feet are close to their faces, for some reason. I just love those soft baby feet. Too bad they are getting much more wear and tear now that Bug is walking everywhere. Yep, even babies get toe jam; although, it is somewhat more adorable to see baby toes full of lint than big people toes full of lint.

Diaper changing horror. Good grief! Can't I go a week without having to mention poop? Well, the bodily exploration doesn't end. Poopy diapers are a pain to change. Usually I have to set a wipe aside for Bug's hands. And once his bum is clean, I have to swipe away his hands from his crotch to get his on his clean diaper. Is this Bug moving into one of Freud's other stages???


Rachel said...

Oh the explorations are fun. I am still in the midst of so very many. . .

Melinda said...

The stages...SOOO many stages! I think your Bug and my Boy are about at the same stages (the Boy will be one in two weeks, are they close?).

Mallory said...

They are close! Bug will be one tomorrow.