Monday, April 20, 2009

Exasperatingly Funny

Some of the things that Bug does can be very exasperating. Typically, I just laugh. No, actually, I typically get exasperated...and then I laugh after the annoyance wears off. Some of the things that Bug does can be very goofy. Typically, I just laugh. Sometimes, Bug laughs too. And that makes a mother happy, indeed! Here are lots of little things that either exasperate or cause laughter:

Before Bug learned how to walk...Heck, even before Bug was good at crawling, he learned how to get around very easily. He would assume the crawling position (the usual one, on hands and knees) and place his hands item. (Now, I say "item" because it could be any number of different things. Most often, the item was a DVD case, because Bug LOVES to pull all the DVD cases off the shelf and make a big mess. Sometimes the item would be a CD case, or a book, or a piece of paper, or a somewhat slippery and flat toy.) Then, he would push the item across the floor, crawling using only his legs. He would "crawl" until he hit a wall or some other obstacle. After that, he would usually cry, because he couldn't go anywhere else.

As I have relayed in several other posts, Bug loves to eat paper. Oh, paper, you are the bane of my existence! Yet, I need you, obviously, or else you wouldn't be scattered ALL OVER MY HOUSE! I don't know how, but Bug finds the most important papers to snack on. Like receipts. I don't know why those are important, really. But, my husband insists that they are; thus, Bug finds and eats them. And books. Bug doesn't just eat books, first he tears the pages out. Apparently, the pages are more delicious to the taste when they aren't attached to the rest of the delicious pages! Luckily he hasn't destroyed too many books. But he has been found to "feast on the word". Yes, my scriptures were nibbled on...slightly. Luckily, the page that was ripped out to be devoured was a blank page from the very front of my quad. And the page from my husband's scriptures was taped back, using my superior taping skills! That ultra thin scripture paper must be a paper-eating delicacy, because Bug enjoys it the most! Maybe that's why he likes those receipts so much, too?

Perhaps Bug is just going to be one righteous kid. He already folds his arms when we pray. And sometimes he folds his arms when we aren't praying. And sometimes he doesn't fold his arms when we are praying. I haven't figured it all out yet. He decides when and where to be reverent, apparently!

Recently, Bug has figured out how to remove his own diaper. Oh, joy. This isn't a problem when he is dressed, thank goodness. But, when we get out of the shower, it is easiest for me to just throw a diaper on his cute, little bum, then take care of myself. After I'm ready, then I get Bug dressed. Well, that USED to be the easiest for me. I may have to reevaluate. Or just figure out how to make "Fecal Matter" posts more interesting.

My dad is a RN, but when I was growing up, he was a construction worker. (The housing slump that began about 5 years ago prompted him to go back to school.) I think he really misses building houses. Instead, he now takes the opportunity to improve my apartment. It's kind of nice to have a personal maintenance guy. Especially one that is a perfectionist with a good eye! He decided that I needed a wooden security bar for the track of my sliding back door. Although, I am on the second floor. But, safety first, right?! Well, the wooden bar is light enough for Bug to pick up, and carry around. It is very awkward for him, considering it is about a foot taller than he is. But that doesn't stop him, no sirree! He carries the big stick around the house. I wonder what he thinks it is? I know he has lots of using anything that has buttons (i.e., Wii remote, calculator, TV remote) as a phone. But, I don't use that big stick for anything other than to keep my back door safe from robbers that scale buildings. (I know you read my blog occasionally, dad! If you read this post, I hope you know I am complementing you, but you can have your stick back before Bug damages something!)

Just last night, Bug put one of his socks on his head and looked at me with a big smile. I don't know why he did it, but it was so stinkin' cute! Then, the sock fell off, so he put it on his head again and smiled. Yep, still cute.

And then there are the baby laughs. Gosh, that is a sound I could listen to 24/7. Erm, well, at least 16/7, 'cause I don't think I could sleep with cute baby laughs going on all the time! Bug laughs when I tickle his belly with my hair. And my husband can ALWAYS get Bug to laugh. Really, it's not fair. But it's very sweet.

And when Bug laughs too hard, too long, he gets the hiccups. Adorable!


Anonymous said...

LOL! My kids never eat the paper but destroying books and everything else made of paper is one of their favorite past times. They are destructive little guys that will forever keep me on my toes. Carrying around sticks, brooms, mops, etc. is also something that thrills them. I sooo agree with the baby giggles. It is one of the best sounds in the world!

Anonymous said...

I copy and save the picture to my computer then I open the picture gadget on blogger and upload it there.

Martha said...

Bug is cute when he 'types' and then just touches the mouse, then immediately starts typing again. I wonder where he learned that...?

Mallory said...

He must have a mother that blogs! lol. Or wait....he must have a father that works on computers. Yeah, that's right. We'll just blame it on the dad! :D