Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eyes glued to the baby

Bug is walking around everywhere now. We are so proud and excited. There is just something so precious about a little baby walking! He looks too small still.

And not only is he walking. He climbs. On or into everything. EVERYTHING! His grocery cart walker toy (as mentioned in the last post), the couch, from the couch onto the end table, the coffee table, the glider, into his toy box, the dishwasher, the drawer under the stove...I could go on and on. Why, just last night, I nearly had a heart attack because of his adventurous spirit. I was making dinner, and I turned to look at Bug, to make sure he wasn't getting into trouble. Oh, he was definitely getting into trouble! He had used a box to climb up onto the little table where my sewing junk resides. He was standing on his feet and leaning over to grab yarn out of my yarn bag....on the table nearly 3 feet off the ground!!! I must admit, I let a great noise of surprise escape my lips! Bug looked over at me and gave a HUGE smile and bounced a couple of times on his little legs, and he continued reaching for the yarn while I leaped through the air to him in a single bound. He has no fear!

You would think I have learned to keep my eyes glued to the baby at all times. But what mother has that ability!? We hadn't been up for more than half an hour this morning, and Bug had already managed to find a pen and draw a nice soul patch on his chin. Pretty cute on a baby that isn't quite a year yet!


Melinda said...

Oh I so know, it surprises me still when my boy figures out how to get up on something I totally didn't think he could! Darn those adventuresome kids! :)

Rachel said...

Oh, dearie, you are in for a treat. I have had a climber and he will run you ragged. Good luck. I hope it doesn't take a fall on his head to get him to shape up. (that's what it took for us.)

Scotty said...

Sadly enough, falls don't even help. He does it on a regular basis and he crys a little, gets a little comfort, then tries again. He is just that persistant.

Terresa said...

not possible to keep eyes glued on baby at all you're finding out! Ahhh, what's a mama to do but lament? ;) I'm with ya, sista!