Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcome warmth!

The weather has turned warm, at last! We have celebrated this by turning on Pandora (some fancy Spanish music. ¡Que capo Carlos Vives!) and dancing away the afternoons. I'm not a very good dancer. Although, my husband may disagree with that. He somehow is blind to how stupid I look and can only see my voluptuous curves and beauty. Go figure.

Even Bug is a better dancer than I am! Every time music is turned on, he puts his hands in the air, bounces around and laughs. He doesn't need curves to be a good dancer! And he can dance to any kind of music. Latin, Billy Joel, Josh Groban, the credit music to Fiddler on the name it, he'll dance to it!

Another way we have celebrated the warmth of the impending summer: going coverless and practically naked (not me, just Bug). Yep, we're back into cloth (after taking a couple weeks of 'sposies while Bug was sick and had HORRIBLE poops, then us getting ready to move, then trying to get our washer and dryer back up and in business). And it is so awesome to just slap a prefold on his bum and let him run around. I can feel as soon as he is wet, and he gets all that air circulation on his skin. Sometimes I put a t-shirt on him, too...but most of the time not. Naked babies are so much easier to take care of. And coverless cloth dipes are so much easier to change. Although my hubby is paranoid to even pick Bug up without a cover. But, seriously? How can you resist a cute, little guy with a diaper wedgie???

Oh, how we love warm weather!


Terresa said...

Ahhh, a cloth diaper butt! Love it! ;)

When I cloth-diped my 3 older children (all at the same time), we had cloth dipes in a zebra print, they were so cute! I used to line up my kiddos on their tummies & take picts. so much fun!

Melinda said...

OH MY GOSH! That picture is SO CUTE! I hope it starts warming again soon!

Anonymous said...

LoL! Love the picture!