Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love being a mother!

I love being a mother. Here are some reasons why:

Random Snuggles. Sometimes Bug takes a break from playing to come give me a snuggle. He lays his little head on whatever part of me he gets to first (I often lay on my stomach and read while Bug plays. The snuggles usually end up directed to the softest part of me. In this circumstance, my rear end!), sighs or babbles a few things, then gets back up and on his way. The snuggles are only a couple of seconds long, but they can restore hours of lost sleep and frustration for me!

All the Firsts. First smile, first roll-over, first crawl, first step and on and on. There is little more exciting than a baby's firsts! When I see Bug beginning something new, my heart gets full and fluttery. I may blame my whacked out hormones, but I almost come to tears when I see my baby learning and mastering skills.

Sleeping Baby. The sleep smiles, the twitches, the coo's, the peace. A sleeping baby is so precious. It is a relief for moms when the baby finally goes down for a nap or the night, but I also think babies probably dream of Heaven. If that is so, how could you NOT love baby sleep?

The Responsibility. I love being responsible for Bug. It's great to be able to learn new things (check out my "Please Research" posts for some things I've studied). I do become more and more "crunchy" with all the studying. But, it is very rewarding to study and continue educating myself for the benefit of my family.

Waking Up Happy. It's no fun when Bug wakes up cranky, but when he wakes up happy the whole family enjoys it! His eyes are bright and he shows great love to everyone. When Bug wakes up in our bed (I need to do a "Please Research" post on co-sleeping!), he sits up, snuggles and babbles energetically. It is so refreshing. I cherish those moments immensely!

And, of course, The Funnies. This blog is dedicated to sharing the funnies of a mother's daily life. They truly make me smile; even the things that may be annoying (even the never ending poop stories). It is so much better to just laugh, grab the camera, and blog about it! Life is so much funnier as a mother!

Oh, I love being a mother. Is it hard? Yes. Is it a challenge? Yes. Is it frustrating? Yes. Can it be sweet? Yes. Is it the best calling on earth? YES!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on everything here! Being a mom is fantastic!

Terresa said...

waking up happy is such a beautiful plus in mommy life. I share similar joys with my four young children.

PS: found you on Mormon mommy blogs

Rachel said...

I am so with you. Even on those hard days when everything goes wrong, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Anonymous said...

I've got an award for ya at Cherished Sprouts! Come on over and snag it!