Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh, my achin' pelvis!

How horrible is it that I didn't write anything about Mother's Day, on this blog that is all about being a mother?? So, a whole week later, I did want to mention a little bit about my Mother's Day. The Saturday before, the Hubs took me out on a date. We walked around a large mall, and ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant (where I actually tried to speak confidently in Spanish, and made myself look like an idiot...and the hubby wonders why I rarely try...) The dawn of Mother's Day came peeking through our bedroom blinds. I kept my eyes closed and laid on the bed in a drowsy half sleep. I heard Bug squirming beside me. Then, I felt two little fingers grasp my old mascara and sleep encrusted eyelashes and pull one eye open. "Boo!" said Bug, once my eye was open enough that he could see me in there. There really is little better than a "good morning" from a two year old!

I also got a comment from a friend at church, on Mother's Day, that I was looking "so big"! Apparently, I officially, undeniably, unquestionably look pregnant. Another friend overheard the "so big" comment and later said to me, "I don't think you are getting big." I told her that it was ok if I was getting big...because I'm pregnant, and I'm -supposed- to be getting big! She said, "Yeah, I know. But you don't have to say it that way. It just sounds bad." I asked her if people should instead say, "My, my, you are looking very pregnant today!" And I think that works.

And while we are on the topic of pregnancy (like I ever talk about anything else, right hubby?) I have diagnosed myself with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (much to the hubby's exasperation, right hubby?). Some people think that I [over]diagnose myself with minor annoyances just to get out of doing my squats to prepare for birth. Not true. I honestly have a horrible pain in my pubic ligaments! ESPECIALLY when I roll over in bed. And even when I am just walking around like normal. I probably irritate it by climbing over the gate to get in and out of my kitchen 15 million times a day! This is one thing that I didn't have to deal with during my first pregnancy. A friend of mine assured me that all the real aches and pains show up in the second pregnancy.

My poor husband. He is such a guy. You know how guys are...they want to fix everything. And they think there should be or actually is a solution to everything. This makes voicing pregnancy complaints annoying for both of us (maybe I should just keep my mouth shut, for both of us....but then I wouldn't be a woman!). He says, "Do this and it will probably go away." I say, "No way am I going to do that, because it will make it worse!" I'm telling ya, you can't fight Relaxin!


TopHat said...

I think I've got SPD to an extent, too. I've been having troubles turning over in bed since 8 or 9 weeks! Like you, I had none of that with my first! It was quite the surprise this time around to discover that my pregnancy isn't as "easy" this time around.

It can't last forever, right?

And I love that the wikipedia page says to birth in water and in upright positions. :)

Hercules Family said...

I hope you guys come to Grande Prairie! It would be so fun to see you! Even though being pregnant in hot humid Texas even for a weekend won't be great....haha. And you are so right, men just don't get it when it comes to pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Conner in my very first trimester, we were just married and I wanted to sleep all the time. Kyle told me, your only tired because you are sleeping so much!!!! Oh, man have things changed now that we are on baby number 3, he is great at letting me take naps and getting me anything I crave. It's great to have his help and support!

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

yeah guys just don't get it!!!
buuut... i wouldn't give it up for anything in the world- we just have a special bond with the baby by the time they are born cuz of the 9 months :) and guys just don't get it.

You've found the Howard! said...

Hey I know that you are antidoctors... but I had some REALLY bad lower back pain, I know not your pains, but I was told after the fact that I should have seen a chiropractor, because my lower back was dislocated. Perhaps a chiropractor could help ease your pain? Just trying to help, I hate hearing that your in pain!