Friday, July 9, 2010


Apparently, I have a "look" that I give Bug when he is being bad. It's kind of a sideways glance with scowling eyes.

Well, Bug has perfected that look, himself. And every now and then, if the hubs and I are doing something bad (i.e., telling Bug to stop doing something that he doesn't want to stop doing), Bug will give us the look.

Sometimes he will give us the look AND shush us...with his finger pointed either at us or at his the same time!

Sometimes, when I'm yelling (or I prefer to say "sternly reprimanding") at Bug for something, if he is close enough, he will put his hand over my mouth to get me to be quiet. Or he'll shush me.

He seems to shush me a lot.


Sara, Nick, and kids said...

lol that is so funny- who's the boss ?? hehe

Pamla Barrett said...

The worst is when they do it and you're trying so HARD to be serious, but you just can't help but LAUGH!!! :) That is so funny and cute. My kids make me laugh way too much to be stern. ;)