Friday, July 2, 2010


I can't believe how big Bug is getting. I find myself staring at him all the time wondering where my little baby went, and where this little boy came from. It might be part of those pregnancy hormones. And realizing that I'm going to have two kids pretty soon! Of course, everyone always says that they "grow so fast". There is a reason that saying is cliche! It's so true! My dad told me that once he got married time started speeding up. And every year, time passes a little bit faster. He says he blinks once and twenty years have gone by. Time hasn't started going THAT fast for me...yet. But I am amazed at how quickly it has been passing since I got married!

This is the summer of major changes for Bug. I almost feel like I am letting him grow up too fast. I worry that he isn't ready, even when he shows signs of being ready.

Major change number one: weaning. It was a surprisingly easy process. I think I was more unprepared for weaning than Bug!

Major change number two: moving to his own bed. This process has only just begun. So far, so good. I just hope he doesn't get too jealous when the new baby gets to sleep with mom and dad. (And, we've almost had to start all over again, because we let Bug sleep with us a lot while we were in Texas, and a lot since we've gotten back home. Surprisingly, however, Bug did NOT sleep with us -every- night while we were in Texas. Slow and steady wins the race, right?)

Major change number three: potty training. We haven't started this one yet. Although Bug loves to sit on the potty, and will pee in the potty without any extra encouragement from me. I really need to just train myself to teach Bug how to go potty, and how to tell me when he needs to go. I'm putting it off, but I know it will need to be done this summer.

Major change number four: becoming a brother. This is just the cherry on top! All these changes, and suddenly, Bug isn't going to be the only kid vying for attention from mom and dad. Jealousy. Anger. Violence. I worry about all those things that might happen. My grandma used to tell stories of when my mom brought me home from the hospital. My older sister was 18 months, and she thought that mom had brought her home a doll to play with. I hope it works that way with the new baby and Bug. I would rather him think that the baby is for him, than for him to think that the new baby is replacing him!!!

Those four things are MAJOR! Are they not? I mean, for a two year old! I just hope he doesn't regress when the baby comes. I worry, as any parent might, whether I am doing the right thing at the right time for my child. This parenting thing is really emotional!


Martha said...

Kids handle change a lot better than grown-ups do. They're pretty resilient, moldable, and basically don't know any different (or better). Bug will learn that this is just how life looks for him right now. Enjoy each moment and before you know it, you'll be Grandma Mally and some little one will make you smile!

TopHat said...

I've thought about night weaning Margaret, but then another molar started coming in and I chickened out. We're still working on the pottying- the molar has made her regress a little in that. She was doing great until yesterday afternoon!

I'm curious how the new baby will affect her, too. She doesn't like it when I hold other babies. Hmm...

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

glad to hear bug is understanding potty training! that was my major goal upon returning from vacation. but sad news. i went through accident after accident for an entire week... including setting a timer and trying it every half hour for a day... he didn't go on the potty once. so i took a break this week and try again next week. i haven't tried bribery yet. i feel like- as you do- this needs to be done by the end of august!!