Friday, June 11, 2010

Bed Bug

The hubs and I have been working on getting Bug into his own bed. Although I've loved sharing a bed with Bug, there are times when it is quite annoying and frustrating! And now that we only have a few more months before the baby comes, we feel like we need to buckle down and get the big boy into his own bed. I definitely don't think it would be safe to have Bug and the baby in the same bed, even with mommy and daddy there! (And for my sanity, I need to be able to nurse the baby in bed!!!)

The hubby is doing most of the work (e.g., laying next to Bug's toddler bed until midnight). I figure that is what will work best, though. And he might as well get used to it, because he'll have to be the one to put Bug to bed when I'm busy with a newborn!

Night 1: Bug went to sleep fairly easily in his own bed, although later than we wanted him to. He slept until 4am, when he then fell out of bed and knocked his head. The hubs slept through the noise and crying, so I lugged my large pregnant self out of bed and brought Bug into my bed. (Then I went pee before I settled back down, because if I'm already up...I might as well!) Awake at 8am.

Night 2: Bug fought sleeping in his own bed just a little bit. The hubs laid on the floor next to the toddler bed until nearly midnight. Bug slept in his own bed until 7am.

Night 3: Bug missed his daily nap, and fell asleep in my lap (on the couch) at 8:30pm. The hubs moved him to his little bed. He slept great! Although, we did hear him a couple of times awake at night, he just moved into a more comfortable position, took a drink from his sippy, and went back to sleep on his own! He didn't get out of bed until 8:30am. Twelve glorious hours of wonderful sleep in his own bed!

Night 4: Fought it hard. Hubs on floor until midnight. Bug fell out of bed at 3am, but slept on the floor for half an hour. When he woke up and realized he wasn't in bed, he cried. The hubs put him back into bed. Bug pushed the hubs away, he apparently wanted to go back to sleep on his own. Bug got up around 6:30am.

Night 5: Fought it hard...but not quite as hard as the previous night. Hubs on floor until midnight. Mom out of bed to go pee at midnight. Bug restless and whiny. Finally, mom gets annoyed because she can't sleep with Bug making so much noise, and has the hubs bring him into our bed. Mom out of bed again, to pee, at 3am. All awake by 7:30am.

I'm seriously debating whether or not I want to cut out Bug's daily nap. As you can see, the day he missed his nap resulted in the best night of sleep for us all! It's a work in progress. And I haven't been good at getting Bug to nap in his own bed...usually we both nap together in my bed. The hubs says that has got to stop, because Bug needs to learn that he only gets to sleep in his own bed. Usually, I'm too exhausted by nap time to fight, though! Of course, if I cut out Bug's nap altogether, I will be doubly exhausted...but it might mean twelve hours of sleep for us all!

We'll just keep working on it. Hopefully we will all get into a happy and restful routine!


Melinda said...

As a co-sleeper too, I totally get this. My oldest was the hardest to get to transition to her own bed, but the key is consistency. We did the same thing, laying on the floor most the night. Night 5 totally set you back, here's what I know: the night where its totally horrible and you want to give up and just let them back in bed, will probably be the last night you have to do that if you can just hold on. After that five days or so, it starts getting easier and easier. But now that Bug knows he just has to fight it really hard and he's back in your bed, he will. So stay strong and all of a sudden it will be done and AWESOME to have him in his bed. Promise!

Veronica said...

Good luck with the transitioning bug into his own bed! Sounds like losing the nap might work out, and maybe if you are getting a solid 12 hours of sleep, you might not be so tired during the day! Which is always a good thing! Good luck though with whatever works!

Deveny said...

Sounds like you need a one of those bumpers to keep him from falling out of bed. :) Good luck with the sleeping!