Wednesday, June 23, 2010


[All posts this week have been scheduled. I am on "vacation" (accompanying my husband on a business trip) right now in the Dallas, TX area. Probably dying of heat. I will, hopefully, blog all about the trip when we get back. Including the insanely long drive, the insanely hot heat, the insanely boring days, etc.]

Life gets infinitely more exciting with a toddler when that toddler starts to talk. Or at least tries to talk. Back in March, I did a post about Bug's expanding vocabulary. He is definitely improving. Here are some more of the things that Bug says now:

"Da da do?" -Where did it go? Usually said while playing a game. But often said after he is caught with something he shouldn't have. If mommy tells him to "give it to mommy", he hides it behind his back and asks, "da da do?" Too bad mommy is smarter than that!

"Na na no." -I don't know. If we ask him where something is, he will either go get it, or just plain tell us that he has no idea!

"Yeah!" -self explanatory, a form of "yes", but oh-so-cute coming from a two year old. We usually prompt him with a question that will get an enthusiastic "yeah!" answer, to get him to stop a tantrum. As his grandma said recently, "Boy, that kid can turn it on and off quickly!" To which we reply, "Yeah!"

"Doctor" -lobster, seen in the tank at the grocery store. This makes me wonder if he will end up calling doctors lobsters?

"Buh-buh-bubble" -bubble...nearly always said with a stutter! If he doesn't want to take a shower, I ask him instead if he wants to play with bubbles. What two year old can resist?

"Dars" -Cars, the movie. This is Bug's favorite movie. And while I am completely exhausted from my pregnancy, he gets to watch it quite often. (Shame on mommy!)

"Douche" -shoes. I promise. I think Bug has some form of dyslexia of speech. He tends to swap the hard sounds of words, or end his word with the most prominent sound of the word he is trying to say. It definitely makes for some pretty humorous mess ups!

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Sara, Nick, and kids said...

that is really cute! i love the phases of the different words too... like andrew used to say "bink wabie" for drink of water" but now he can say "wayer"- hehe- almost there!