Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's that Word?

Last week, I got an email from a popular pregnancy/parenting website that told me some of the developmental feats that my 22 month old should be getting ready for. It talked about how many 22 month old children begin trying to jump off the bottom stair or hop with both feet. But, of course, don't worry if it takes another month or two before YOUR toddler does this.

I had to snort a little bit. I even mentioned the email to my father, who was visiting that night, as a kind of joke. He chuckled a bit and said, "Bug has been jumping off your coffee table for months!" Yep, he sure has! That kid has no problems, whatsoever, about jumping and hopping...with both feet!

But, the developmental aspect that Bug isn't exactly above and beyond with is speech. Bug has a friend, just a couple months older, who will repeat any word you ask him to...probably even "existentialism" and "discombobulated"! Bug isn't quite there yet. His vocabulary is minimal, but growing...Or, at least I'm putting new meanings to his handful of sounds.

For example: ("Bug's word" - translation)
"no" - no
"no" - yes
"no" - nose
"buh" - bug
"buh" - ball
"buh" - bird
"dah" - dog
"dah" - dinosaur
"dada" - Daddy
"mama" - Mommy
"bebe" - baby

Bug knows several more words that aren't listed here, but he rarely pronounces them quite correctly or uses them quite properly. Bug also has some words that are distinct, always the same, used in proper context...and hilarious! These include "uh-oh", "wow", "whoa", and "wheee"!

Kids all develop in different areas at different times and speeds. Bug will catch up eventually. In the meantime, I will take note and make fun of how cute he is!


TopHat said...

Haha! Margaret is 23 months and has never let both feet off the ground to jump. At the library they have story time with little songs and whenever there's a jumping song, she just bends her knees. Eventually she'll jump, but probably not for a while.

She's has more words than Bug does, though not as many as some of the kids she plays with. One of the kids who just turned 2 a couple of weeks ago already has the first 2 Articles of Faith memorized... Oi. We are so behind already! ;)

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

it took andrew forever to talk in real sentances too. really like since he turned 2 he has finally opened up. i think they are just smart and take everything in and don't wanna talk til they can do it perfectly :)

Melinda said...

Every kid is different totally! You'll be surprised how all of a sudden he'll be saying TONS of new stuff all at once! My son (also 22 months!) didn't say much forever and is all of a sudden talking up a storm, its fun to watch!

Hercules Family said...

So Conner is 29 months now and we have been working with a speech therapist. It is going great! He was pretty behind in his speech and Caroline (the speech therapist) has really helped not only Conner, but given us ideas on how to help him on a regular day to day basis. His English vocab is amazing now, his Spanish is getting there. He understands a lot more in Spanish then he can speak, but it will come. And now Joshie who is 15 months says Ball "baw" and bye. It's too cute! Kids are the best!!

megandjon said...

I think the way different kids develop and in what order is way fun and fascinating! But I also think those little charts and articles (and sometimes your pediatrician) can make you crazy. I say, if they are YEARS off, then maybe start to worrry, but 6+months is no big deal. My kid is also 22 months and he can now jump and talks up a storm, but he is just barely mastering drinking out of a cup (man I thought he would never get it!) and I would look around at other babies doing that at 9 months (i mean just a cup, not a sippy cup). Whatever!! It's funny how hard it is as a mom to keep from comparing. I try really hard not to, and yet I catch myself mentally doing it all the time. Why is that?

Mary said...

Matt walked at 9 months (I kid you not), but was 3 before he did more than grunt and point, although it was amazing how we understood what his grunts meant :) When he did finally start talking, in his own stubborn time, it was in complete and proper sentences, and his vocabulary was quite large. I guess he was just soaking it all in (we also couldn't get him to STOP talking once he started).

Martha said...

Just let me know when he says, "Glammy". :)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

You are too funny! Oh the fun we mothers get to have with those jumpy little balls of energy!

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Hope to see you around!