Friday, March 26, 2010

Liberty Discussions

This is outside my typical realm of blogging, but I feel it is important enough to share with my readers. Some friends of mine have put together this educational community to help people better understand and feel comfortable with the political workings of our country...and how they SHOULD be. I think it is a great idea, because I am not a political person, but I feel the need to understand, so I can make wise decisions. The idea is to put the power back with the people, where it should be. I can't explain it any better, so watch this introductory clip, and visit the Liberty Discussions website!


David said...

Thanks for the link!

Mona said...

Mallory - WOW. How interesting. It's exactly what I've been thinking and saying to everyone. I've read SO MUCH in the past year -- books written by historians, journalists, liberal thinkers and conservative thinkers and have lamented the fact that there is no place to REALLY discuss these things. I have been fed up with the culture of contention our media has create and the frenzy feed for the sensational. Why can't we just talk? I find I'm classifying myself as "Independent" JUST so I have options for discussion. This has shocked and disgusted some of my friends who are firmly planted in one point of view or another, views that they only reinforce by listening to or watching media that gives so little information for all the stirring up it does. Thank you for the link. Good job.