Thursday, March 25, 2010

Something about Pregnancy

There really is something about pregnancy that changes everything you are comfortable with in your life. For example, I was laying in bed last night, Bug on one side (nursing, of course), Hubs on the other side (falling asleep, of course). I was trying to keep a conversation going with the Hubs, because I wasn't quite ready to just fall asleep. Then, I smelled skunk. I sniffed the air. And I asked the Hubby, "Do you smell skunk?" I sniffed the air again...and this time, I was sure I smelled skunk. "No" said the Hubs. I sniffed again, "Yeah, there is skunk smell in the air, I know it!" The Hubs then reassured me that the air smelled perfectly fine, and that I was losing my mind. Crazy...that's what he called me. Ten minutes later...."Oh, yeah. Now I smell skunk..." and the Hubby got up to make sure the back door and windows were closed all the way.

My sense of smell is obviously super human.

More than anything, pregnancy changes body shape and size. Yeah, I know that everyone on earth is aware of that. But, I wasn't prepared for how my body would respond to my second pregnancy. Actually, I wasn't prepared for how my body would respond after my first baby was born! I was easily back to my prepregnancy weight by the time Bug was 9 months old (that's how long it should take, right...9 months on, 9 months off). My proportions were different, though. I actually had to buy jeans made for a woman, rather than a teenager!!! (Shocker!) Then, I moved to a new apartment, and mysteriously gained 20lbs. TWENTY. Ok, I guess I can blame a lot of that on eating Ooey Gooey S'mores Brownies, which are just as delicious as they sound! But, seriously, being a mom does horrible things to your metabolism. (Poo poo, to all you skinny moms out there!)

Then, I got pregnant, and I realized my new prepregnancy weight was 50lbs more than what the WiiFit says I should weight. Luckily, this little baby has me craving salad and cucumbers. Oh, how I love those cucumbers!!! But, before I knew it, I was needing to wear maternity clothes. I tried squeezing into my woman shaped jeans. I even got a BellaBand, so I wouldn't have to use a rubber band, like I did for the whole first 18 weeks of my first pregnancy! But, it was not to be. I had to abandon all efforts and put on some jeans that were made specifically for excess bloating...and a baby, too. AND I WAS ONLY 8 WEEKS ALONG! (Did you notice the mention that I wore my prepregnancy -teenager- jeans until I was 18 weeks with Bug!?!? And I had to put my -woman- jeans in storage by 8 weeks with this little baby! I was NOT prepared for that!

Another something about pregnancy is that your mom will never remember to warn you about all the shocking stuff, whether it is a first pregnancy shocker, or a second pregnancy shocker (and I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes an 8th pregnancy shocker...) My mom's famous words, "Oh, yeah...I forgot about that....but it's perfectly normal!"


Pamla Barrett said...

Now I want to know what the pregnancy shocker is!?!? :)
I remember it being crazy 2. With Daija I didn't look prego forever then with Kyla my body went "o I've done this before" and WHAM I looked 5 months prego at like 2!!! Not cool! A couple months ago at church a lady asked if I was pregnant. Not cool either.

Mona said...

Okay, being on the fuzzy end of the lollipop now (as a survivor of multiple pregnancies and natural childbirths and extended lactations)I can laugh --- and boy! am I laughing!!!!

Sometimes I look in the mirror and say to my beloved of 32 years: "I used to be a beautiful woman. Then the children came."

These days, as far as I'm concerned, the perfection of young beauty is totally unearned. I'm proud of my gramma belly.

Life is lovely. God knows what he's doing.


Mommy Bee said...

I was in maternity clothes by 9 wks with Bear and Eagle both. I'd been just starting to need something at 14ish wks with my first pgcy (and then miscarried) but apparently it was enough to make me pooch fast with the later kiddos.

I just saw this today on facebook, and thought you'd appreciate it:

Veronica said...

I am in the first pregnancy shockers...I mean I knew I was going to gain weight and have a belly... but knowing and getting are two very different things! My question is... how does one go from a 6lb weight gain to 22 lb weight gain in the course of one month..

and no I do not believe it to be the cookies, ice cream and cupcakes this kid has me craving like crazy!!! : )

okay maybe just a little!

Martha said...

yeah, um, that "I forgot about that" - that's normal too. Just wait until you've had over 24 years of marriage, several kids, and only half a brain left. You'll forget things too. But, it's fun to relive those things watching your own childrens' experiences!

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

lol keep em comin!

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

i saw that invite- are you going to have a party too? the stuff looks really nice- especially the earrings.

David, Sara and Natalie said...

We've been smelling skunks, too, though we don't have to smell them from the second floor, so you definitely have super-human smelling powers.

Future Mama said...

HAHA!! I love all of these things I've been finding out as I go. I think I'm dying and send out a tweet then 10 people reply saying "oh that's normal it means..." I'm like "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS BEFORE?!"

I haven't bought maternity jeans yet and at this point I'm hoping I can make it without them! We'll see!!