Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Tale of Two Homes

On Sunday night, the Hubs gently reminded me that we were going to be having guests over the next evening. I was sitting on the living room floor at our "diaper changing station", diaper in hand, trying to coax Bug over so I could change his sagging bottom. I looked around at our living room. From my point of view, I could see that there were smashed Goldfish over by the couch. Dried Play-Doh crumbs scattered here and there. A week's worth of crusty who-knows-what's under Bug's high chair. Ripped pieces of Bug's markered art work flung about the room. A disheveled pile of blankets. Jackets and shoes. Spilled dirt from the beautiful and fragrant hyacinth that was recently given to us and placed on an overly cluttered mantle. Important documents (probably bills long needing to be paid) piled up on the counter. Dirty dished stacked up by the sink. Shiny smears on the kitchen table, probably indicating spilled milk that didn't get wiped up. Toys...lots of them and all out of place. And I probably haven't counted everything!

I thought about all the work I would have to do the next morning to get this place ready for company, and my pregnant body groaned in protest. I had a sudden longing for a clean, beautiful, and orderly home that somehow would stay that way. I knew that would be impossible.

But...I began thinking...What if I had TWO homes. I could have one house to keep purely for visits from guests. And another house to live in and not worry about the messes. That would be PERFECT. I could go all domestic diva and actually have a style. Matching couch, curtains, dish towels, paint, and fresh flowers in a mod deco vase. Pricey and intriguing art on the walls. A wicker patio set on the deck. Large windows letting in natural lighting from our spacious yard (north facing, of course!) Don't forget the vacuum stripes on the floor, for that fresh and clean look. Oh, yes. That would be the house we would use for hosting guests. It would always be clean (because I would hire a maid or...because I wouldn't actually live there).

I would be perfectly fine living in the house that only gets vacuumed once a week (or less). I would be ok with throwing the dishes in the dishwasher only when we are down to having no more clean forks. I would not worry about the crumbs. The shoes don't ever have to go in the closet. As long as I never have to invite people to THAT house.

Now...if only I could afford it.


Melinda said...

OOooohhh, wouldn't that be nice?! And then I'd have two houses to decorate, one fancy and one fun! Love it!

Scotty said...

Why facing north? I want it to face east.

Mallory said...

North facing is the best, because you never get direct sunlight shining right in your eyes if you happen to be lounging in a room with large windows!

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

o were you talking about my house? i was just thinking yesterday as a friend was about to come over for lunch that i should really clean the kitchen chairs before she came over and sat on who knows what. and out mop broke. i think if i spend a half hour a day in lilly's room it would stay clean... but if i forget for a few days (or i'm too lazy) that soon turns into a couple of hours. luckily our laundry room is upstairs... but that also means i never take guests upstairs!!
so lemme know when you get that other house and i'll use that as my get-away too.

Pamla Barrett said...

Sounds to me if you get a bunch of friends together you could do a "time share" thing. Then everyone can share a beautiful clean house and never have to clean the lived in one! :) yay! If I lived there I'd do it with you!!!

Martha said...

Ok - that other house... is a hotel lobby. Problem solved!

Veronica said...

My second home would be ultra clean like yours and have LOTS AND LOTS OF SPACE! Like a huge living room with tall windows and a big long comfy couch! Space... did I mention there would be lots of space! There would also be a special fancy container, shelf, closet that everything would belong in... no moutains of "stuff" around the house longing for a place to belong!

Really I like your idea of a second home!

I keep telling myself one day we will be out of our studio apt/guest house, and that this is character building moments for our son.... and us! : )

Terresa said...

Great idea!

I've spent years being embarassed of my home. It's small, pinkish stuccoed and has a hideous front "rock scape." All the same, it's our heart, too, including all the dirt, grime and chipped paint walls. (sigh)

PS: Happy Easter!!