Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Permission to Complain

Week 28 was the beginning of the fetal hiccups. Oh, how I hate those hiccups. More annoying than an eye twitch, I tell ya! When I was pregnant with Bug, I always felt those repetitive baby jumps. I was hoping and hoping that this baby would not get the hiccups...at all...or at least not as often. It seems that is not going to be the case, however. Once they start, they almost never go away.

Which brings me to a topic I have thought much about: my large and growing number of complaints. I am a complainer. I was before I got pregnant. But, there is something about pregnancy that brings out the worst of it in me. My poor husband. My poor anyone-who-ever-talks-to-me. I think most of the reason I complain is to get attention. (Gosh, I can't believe I'm admitting this even to myself!) It is also nice to mark my complaints in my journal or here on my blog, so I can look back at them and say, "That was normal" or "I actually, secretly, liked that". Or it is nice to get reassurance, after complaint, from other women who have experienced similar problems. Perhaps -I- am the other woman, helping another. Wouldn't that be nice if my complaints were really to benefit others?

Whatever the reason is that makes me complain, it never is really that bad. Well...except for the SPD. And the heartburn. And having to pee 12 million times a day. And not being able to breathe. And the swollen feet. And the itchy skin. And the nausea. And the fatigue. And....

Really, you probably wouldn't believe me if I told you that I love being pregnant!

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