Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Finally February

January this year has been particularly exhausting to me. Recovering from the holiday madness, dabbling in potty training, and a full week of sickness has made blogging the last thing that I get around to. On the bright side, however, I have been getting really good at keeping the house mostly clean, keeping the laundry in check, and cooking dinner. The hubs usually cooks dinner...he's just better at it...but the week he was sick, I had to do the cooking. And I haven't stopped yet. Someday, maybe I'll be completely domestic, scrapbook and all.

Bug has finally been shooting forward in the language department. Most of the time, I know what he is saying. Most of the time. Unfortunately, he uses the "f" sound a lot. He doesn't say his t's or sh's. He replaces them with an "f", and it sounds like he is swearing more often that I wish it did! He loves putting his books on the floor to build a "fwain fwack" and he loves watching the movie "Fwek".

Gizmo is getting so big. His gums are bumping up where his little teeth are trying to push through. He is drooling buckets and buckets of spit daily. And he is trying so hard to sit up. And he wants to eat food. Gizmo really knows how to make me feel bad when I'm eating in front of him. He stares at my food and reaches for it. And stares. And stares. And stares. We'll be having fun with eating banana and avocado later this month, for sure! Yesterday, he had a huge poopy blowout diaper, and as I was undressing him, I ended up getting poop everywhere. I was trying to wipe him off the best I could before I gave him a bath, and he was laughing the whole time. He might be less hyperactive than Bug, but he is still a boy!

The Hubs and I finally got a kid-free date this year (our last one was mid-December). We ended up just running errands after going to dinner. The Hubs says that he doesn't consider that a very good date. But I think it's great! Going to the grocery store with my husband, without towing along two kids, feeling accomplished for getting something important done, and having my hair and makeup done while doing it....yeah...that's a pretty good date!

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Sara, Nick, and kids said...

great job with keeping the house clean! one up on me! and dinner too- good job!
i can't believe gizmo is trying to sit up already! can you believe they are 5 months.... it has flown by- which is very unfortunate!
i totally agree though on the date-making it all business. it isn't the same running errands with the kids. even grocery shopping- no time to stop and compare prices and name brands- just grab and go! i think hubs don't understand cuz they are at work all day and have so much time without the kiddos already.