Friday, February 18, 2011


Every day I run through recent family events in my head that would be perfect fodder for blog posts. Every day I click on the "new post" button, and then I stare at my computer screen until one of the kids starts screaming for attention. For some reason, I haven't been able to actually get the stories down. Like, my most recent laundry mishap....that definitely needs to be forever immortalized as a Mother's Lament. But I don't even have a draft of it in my folders. (Unless you are counting my brain folders...but these days, those are getting pretty fickle.) Or I could write about when Bug and his second cousin decided they were going to run away. Or I could write about the death of my family's cat. Or I could write about my birthday and how I discovered creme brulee. How about I write about totally spacing the Relief Society meeting that I -really- wanted to go to last night (that I actually only remembered while I was writing the last sentence) and instead wasted my time shopping at Joann Fabrics? Or I could write about all the other crazy things that have happened within the two weeks since my last post.

But, for now, I will write about Gizmo.

Gizmo, my sweet, perfect, laid-back, easy-going baby has been getting less-sweet, less-perfect, less-laid-back and less-easy-going. Even more so within these past several weeks. And, there is only one thing to blame when your baby turns sour (and I'm not referring to the smell of the old drool starching his collar). Teething. Blast that wicked teething!

Now, the unfortunate thing about teething is that is lasts from about two minutes after they're born until you finally cut out those perpetually impacted wisdom teeth when they are sixteen. (That should tell you why kids can been such twits when they are teenagers...they're just teething!)

But, we are also blessed with some sweet relief...even if it is brief. And that is when those pretty, pearly whites break through (or when your kid is giggling under the influence of post-surgery anesthesia).

So, someone please tell me that my temporary relief from a fussy baby is nigh at hand, because...Ladies and Gentlemen (er...Gentleman. Hi, Honey!) Gizmo has his first tooth!


cb photos said...

How old is he? My kids don't get teeth for forever--like after their first birthday! I hope you get some relief, it really is no fun!

Martha said...


Martha said...

Oh, and don't forget to write about our crocheted necklaces (or whatever they're called), and about your first pedicure, and how you learned how to be an awesome Mom because of your own Mother (or maybe I'm just assuming that...) :)

Martha said...

And you must write about Frain Fracks from popsicle sticks. (I forgot that one previously (and obviously)...)

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

o his tooth broke through already! man i can't wait til max's teeth finally break through! gosh he sleeps like 20 mins for his naps and has been drooling for like 3 months straight!!