Friday, March 4, 2011

"Blue Book" mess

I can't believe this is only my 6th post this year. Honestly, I've been having such a hard time with the motivation lately. Well, other than getting dishes and laundry done. I've actually been getting pretty good at that. Although, I think I've been neglecting my kids to do it.

Bug is always begging me, "Mommy, wahss". (Which, if you didn't understand that, it is "Mommy, watch".) I hear that sentence in my head even when I should be enjoying a moment of silence.

I also get a lot of "I hep you!" ("I'll help you") Which really means, "Let me do it." Or "GET THE HECK AWAY AND LET ME DO IT MYSELF!" (I really have NO idea where he gets THAT!)

I kind of wish Bug would "hep" me write a blog post. Or something else that I can't seem to just water our one plant that is miraculously still alive. (Just an idea, if you want plants, but have absolutely no green in your whole body...let alone your a pathos plant!)

I do NOT, however, want Bug to "hep" me wipe his nose (by actually wiping the boogers on our back door).

And I do not want Bug to "hep" me with the leaving his "blue book" (his "notebook" from Blue's Clues) in his pant leg. Whenever he doesn't have pockets, he stuffs the book in the waistband of his pants. And my most recent laundry mishap is not discovering it until after it went through the wash.

Let me tell you something: a 2"x2"x1" cardboard book makes A LOT of cardboard fiber mess.

That load of dark clothes looked hopelessly ruined. There were fibers over every inch of every item. I shook things off as much as I could and ended up with a huge handful of soggy cardboard pieces. But the clothes were still looking pretty hairy.

So I ran the load again. And then I dried it. And cleaned out the lint trap.

Luckily, that worked to get everything mostly clean. Now there were only fibers in the creases of the shirts and pants.

But I must say, I have never felt more distressed with a laundry mishap than I did with that one. Not even dying my whites yellow could compare with how I felt when I opened the washer to those "blue book" mess.

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