Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank you for everything! And you're welcome, too!

My two year old is growing up. In fact, he's almost three.

And he is showing that he is growing up. Last week, he asked to help change Gizmo's poopy diaper. (And, remember, we know that when Bug says, "I hep you!" it really means, "Let me do it!") It was quite funny to watch Bug trying to wipe the baby's butt clean.

He also has started saying prayers. All by himself!! Ok...well, I do have to prompt him a little bit, after he's gone on and on and on saying the same things. ("Thank you. Thank you. Welcome. Thank you. Blue's Clues. Thank you. Play. Thank you."  "You need to bless the food." "Food. Thank you.")

The first prayer he said by himself, he kept pausing after every word, wanting me to repeat it. I don't know if that is because that's how we taught him how to pray. Or if he wanted to make sure that I actually understood what he was saying.

Bug is also learning how to count on his fingers. He has been (kind of) counting to 10 for several months now. ("One, two, three, eight, nine, two"). But now he is learning to hold up his fingers. And...just weeks before his third birthday, we taught him how to hold up two fingers and tell people his age. Usually, when people ask him what his name is, he'll hold up his fingers and say, "TWO!".

Hopefully, if we make a big deal about his birthday, he'll transition easily to holding up three fingers!

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Sara, Nick, and kids said...

Cute! Happy almost birthday!
When people say how are you today Andrew he says three. Lol