Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inch Worm

Last Saturday (March 12th...for the record), at 6 1/2 months old, Gizmo turned into an inch worm.

It all started when I sat him down on the floor after nursing him. I probably needed to eat some lunch, or go pee, or wipe Bug's rear end for the 50 millionth time ("Poop, candy? Poop, candy?" He gets a piece of candy if he poops in the potty...which means he squeezes out a little bit of poop a gazillion times a day.)

Anyway, so I turned my attention away from Gizmo for a minute or two. And when I came back to him, he wasn't where I left him.


So I wait and watch. And he is busy going after the wipes container on the living room floor. Or is it the crayon? But he scoots his butt up into the air, and then he slides forward. Butt up, body forward.

My 6 month old is crawling! Like an inch worm.

But he is crawling!

I can't believe it. This kid is so chill and relaxed, yet he is soooo fast at growing up. He already has two teeth, and now this?!

The inchworm has now turned more into an Army crawl with some inchworm-like tendencies. Either way, it means that Gizmo now frequently has crayon breath.


Melinda said...

My kids all crawled at six months, it goes way too fast! How cute the inch worm call must be!

Sara, Nick, and kids said...

O wow crawling! And teeth! Cute!
I had the pleasure of trying your peach cobbler recipe on Sunday and it was delicious! Hats off to you :)