Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm so out of it, I can't even give this post a title

I feel like I've spent a large portion of this week being grumpy...and trying to find at least two minutes to have completely to myself to recharge. Of course, is hasn't happened. I sit down on the couch to read after putting Gizmo down for a nap...and Bug goes and wakes Gizmo up. I go to the bathroom, and Bug follows me. I have to make meals, I have to read tacky toddler books, I have to change diapers, I have to nurse, I have to clean up messes (I know...all those required chores of motherhood). Even now, typing this post, I am having to reprimand the two year old as he is bending the baby's arm back awkwardly trying to give kisses. Tough love....really.

I don't like getting out of bed before 8am unless I really have to. Unfortunately, Bug has woken me (or Gizmo...and up no later than 7:58am EVERY. MORNING. THIS. WEEK. Yeah, yeah, at least he wasn't popping into my room all cheery and awake at 3am. But pre-8am is still early enough for me after a night of nursing and insomnia.  The knots in my neck and shoulders (where I carry all my stress) have been getting so much tighter and tighter that it feels like my head is about to pop off.

Apparently, it is too early for Gizmo, as well. Because he has been cranky all week. (Or, maybe he is teething. Actually, he is definitely teething.) But, Bug thinks it is his personal mission to annoy Gizmo as many times as possible, starting from the minute we wake up. He cranks his arms around to give kisses. He steals toys. He squashes. He says "NO! Bad!". So, combine a cranky 5 month old with an overactive and overbearing toddler and you get seriously disturbed naps for everyone, more crankiness, and a mommy who has zero patience. I have been short with Bug so much recently, I should start a fund for his eventually therapy needs.

And bring on the attitude and tears. I've heard some say that the terrible two's are nothing compared to the terrible three's. And we're almost there. Bug has been incredibly emotionally sensitive. Last night, the Hubs pretended to eat off of Bug's plate while Bug played on the floor under the table...and it make Bug cry. Everything makes him cry these days. (I'm adding another dollar to his fund right now...just because I feel bad for making him cry so often!) And he has a HUGE attitude. That's probably my fault, dangit. Whenever he does something bad and I tell him to knock it off, he steps back from what he's doing, throws his hands up in a defensive posture and says, "Okay! Okay!" in a snotty, sarcastic way. I don't know WHERE he got that. But, the other day, he did squeeze out some poop into the potty just to get a piece of candy. To which I say, "I'll take it!" I'd give him candy all the time if he poops in the potty!

Gizmo, apart from the teething monster that occasionally rears its head, is mostly adorable. Loud. But adorable. As babies should be, right? He is the most slobbery kid I have ever seen. He is starting to sit up on his own. And he can scoot himself around in circles when he is laying on his belly. But he gets upset if he is in one spot for longer that 33.7 seconds. He does enjoy being in his jumper most of the time. This morning, however, he went from jumping around, drooling and having a ball to being slumped over, drooling, and fast asleep within minutes. (What did I say about not enough sleep?)

Speaking of the jumper...The other day I put Gizmo in the jumper for a few minutes so I could attend to something of importance (like lunch, I think). When I looked over to check on Gizmo, Bug was there spinning Gizmo around in the jumper like he was a little top! Then he let go to have Gizmo spin the other way. I immediately went over to rescue the little whirlwind from his twirl in the jumper and reprimand Bug. I wanted so badly to stress to Bug that he should not do that, but it was SO HILARIOUS to watch Gizmo spinning around like that, that I couldn't properly punish Bug through my giggles.

I guess I need to have a few laughs during this crazy week!

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Sara, Nick, and kids said...

how did i miss this post?
omg mallory you are hilarious!! i cannot stop laughing! i think because you capture it so perfectly. that is exactly how i feel i just can't phrase it as perfectly as you. thank you so much for the laugh!!! keep em comin- please!!